Allow users to have multiple signature files which they can easily choose from 
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: Alan Lepofsky8175 02 Nov 2007
: / Email
I'd like to have a drop down list which enables me to choose the signature I want added to the email. (or blog/forum post)   Today I get around this by using my Paste Information application, but I'd rather have this integrated.

1) Joseph Hoetzl5019 (03 Nov 2007)
Indeed, I'm still using the old:
@Command([FileImport];"ASCII Text";"C:\\notes\\sig.txt") on a toolbar, and I have a few of them...
2) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (05 Nov 2007)
Even better, in addition to this, make it possible to set one signature for external use, and one or more for internal use. For example, the external signature have the lame corporate legal disclaimer (which of course not is legally binding at all, as every intelligent person knows), one with just some information (title, department, phone) for normal internal mail, and a blank one or with only name for people in your own group...
3) Jean-Yves Riverin458 (14 Nov 2007)
In one of my archive (2001 :-) i had button to sign my email. I was able to choose from diffferent signatures (Short, Long, formal, friends, etc).

I can post it, if it's useful,

4) Jan Schulz4949 (08 Dec 2007)
Yes, please :-) I'm using the mentioned paste information, but I would love to have such a simple button :-)
5) Jean-Yves Riverin458 (06 Jan 2008)
Multiples signatures in mail file
{ Link }

It's not a project but it could be enhance to fit the 2008 era :-)

6) Stephen Bailey1802 (08 Jan 2008)
I think something like this is in the OpenNTF Team mailbox template? I've only just recently downloaded it, but it seems that the feature is there according to the help file.

{ Link }

7) Robert Ibsen Voith4057 (01 Feb 2008)
This is actually one of the features I like about Outlook! They have a Signature-button in the toolbar, which drops down a list of defined signatures. You can easily create something like;
1) Official Company Signature with graphics
2) Official Company Signature as text
3) Private with graphics
etc etc
8) Paul Graham103 (09 Apr 2008)
Multiple identity management is a problem which a number of our customers have. Crossware have sell Crossware Mail Signature - a solution which can be configured to handle such a scenario.

Signatures can be switched based on the users location document, or by adding a smart icon to the lotus notes workspace.

You can download a trial here: { Link }
9) Melissa Snell1668 (25 Sep 2008)
Users who are used to Outlook want the same functionality as 'SEnd As' but without having to switch locations first. The Send As should have the option to send as different SMTP addresses, with a separate signature for each. Many companies have more than one persona
10) Bill Schroeder673 (06 Aug 2009)
Yes, my users are asking for mulitple signatures & we need HTML signatures to be available in iNotes. The 8.5 Rich Text signature option in iNotes does not allow graphics (logos).
11) Paul Graham103 (11 Jan 2010)
Crossware Mail Signature will support graphics / logos in iNotes, iPhone, Blackberry. The 8.5 effort is only half implemented really, as it is incompatible with iNotes.

The bigger issue for companies with many thousands of users is how to manage these signatures. What happens if the company changes its logo or company name? Visiting each workstation isn't really an option - that is why Crossware Mail Signature was developed.

Give the free trial a go - it takes less than 30 minutes to install. { Link }


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