Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) 
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: Robert Ibsen Voith4057 28 Feb 2008
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Today we can create a so-called Hotspot Resource Link. Every time I have to tell end-users about how they can create an URL-link in Notes richtext, I feel that they silently nod and think "jezz, that wasn't easy ...".
I therefore wish that we could have some additional dialog box  which allowed the end-user to more quickly add an link to somewhere much more like many simple webeditors do (try for example the "Insert link"-toolbar button in the editor used here in ideaJam!).
Secondly, today the Hotspot Resource Link-property page contains a field called "Frame", it's pretty hard for many end-users to remember that they have to write "_blank" or "_top" or whatever. Again, that is probably much more programmer-talk than end-user-talk. Rather add a field with some radion buttons, such as for example "Open: * As a new window * In this window" ...
Some more thoughts; I also think that the notion of a "hotspot" comes out wrong for many end-users. A "hotspot" is probably something we developers know what is. For the end-user they just want to "Create -> Link" - easy as that.

1) Paul Davies13558 (28 Feb 2008)
agreed - this should be much much simpler for end users
2) Bill Malchisky12192 (29 Feb 2008)
Well, ND8 will auto-convert URLs to hotspots when sending/saving the document. So, this might solve the problem. Otherwise, I agree, it has been far too painful.
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (29 Feb 2008)
Here is the option. Since you can only type text here...there are two documents in the Notes client Help file on this...one on how to set the preference; a second on the types of URLs that are converted:

To enabled: File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Configuration -> Additional Options -> Turn URLs into Hotspots


HTTP -- { Link }
HTTPS -- { Link }
FTP -- { Link }
Gopher -- { Link }
Mailto -- mailto:user@lotus.com
News -- NNTP
Notes URL -- { Link }
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (29 Feb 2008)
p.s. sorry for the faux pas...forgot about auto-link conversion in IdeaJam. Just hover the mouse pointer to see the syntax as some will do nothing.
5) Brian Vincent210 (01 Mar 2008)
Auto-links are good.

But even with those the UI for users to create "hotspots" is cumbersome. Notes has a way of trying to treat users like developers. Frankly we enjoy the punishment, but users don't appreciate having to think to hard.
6) Roland Reddekop4539 (01 Mar 2008)
Was any user-testing done on this in Notes 8 Client? Guess not.
7) Alan Lepofsky8175 (02 Mar 2008)
This should be linked to this previous request.
{ Link }
8) Robert Ibsen Voith4057 (03 Mar 2008)
...and now it's linked!


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