CALDAV support for open calendar interoperability 
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: Domino Server / Web application server
: Mark Demicoli10736 02 Dec 2008
: / Email
The rise in popularity of online calendaring applications such as Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar has spurred these megalyths to support the emerging CALDAV standard (RFC 4791) for calendar event interoperability between disparate systems.  On the client side, Mozilla's Firebird is already supporting CALDAV.  This means that fully-compliant CALDAV servers such as Google Calendar can intelligently sync calendar information automatically with your preferred calendaring client software.
Domino already supports WEBDAV, to which CALDAV is the calendaring extension.
It would make perfect logical sense for Domino to support CALDAV fully, out of the box.

1) Matt V587 (02 Dec 2008)
Completely agree!!!
2) Alan Hamilton362 (19 Jun 2009)
Needs to be done to keep Notes in the interoperability game with Outlook, Google Mail etc. It's great that we can pull iCal feeds in, but how about publishing?
3) Gernot Leithner292 (13 Oct 2009)
Without CALDAV support the calendaring feature seems unfinished.
4) Uwe Brahm604 (09 Mar 2010)
We are loosing Notes Client users because of this non-existing calendaring feature.
5) Uwe Brahm604 (02 Jun 2010)
Just for the record: Here is an IBM TechNote. It mentions the SPR# JKEY7SHDLD.

{ Link }
6) Roman Meng16 (28 Jun 2010)
Total agree! We have 40'000 users, which would love to use that feature. To be honest, it is a serious issue, that we don't have it...
7) Uwe Brahm604 (27 Mar 2011)
Others have implemented this already:
{ Link }
If even the Notes client could easily write CalDAV data, we would have a chance here.
While reading (subcribing) is possible, the writing part is mission from the Notes client.
8) Mark Demicoli10736 (28 Mar 2011)
@7: To clarify, I am talking about the Domino Server, not the Notes Client. Domino Server is primarily a messaging and calendaring platform, with collaborative application development capability. Such collaborative applications could benefit greatly if CalDAV (over HTTP ofcourse) was possible for incoming queries and updates, from totally different calendaring applications and platforms.

I could see this being implemented in a very similar way to Web Services on Domino. "CalDAV Provider" and "CalDAV Consumer".
9) Uwe Brahm604 (15 Sep 2011)
@8 - yes sure: The server needs to provide this functionality first to let clients interact with it. Here is what my clients are right now looking at:
{ Link }
10) Uwe Brahm604 (05 Jun 2012)
Looks like Domino is moving in the right direction. I have found this API as part of the

IBM Social Business Toolkit
(see: { Link }

Documented in the IBM Social Business Development wiki
(refer to: { Link }
is a almost complete CalDAV API.

If that would/could be integral part of the Domino server, we could have users access (especially writing - not only consuming) calendar data using their favorite CalDAV client.
11) Uwe Brahm604 (11 Jul 2012)
All links above do not work anymore. Here is a new set of links:
{ Link }


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