Better Date/Time Control Display in Read Mode 
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: Julian Robichaux941 30 Nov 2007
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Currently if you use a Notes date/time control on a form in the client, the control field still has the small calendar button on the right when it's in Read mode (see attached screenshot).
This has never made sense to me, because you can't change the date in Read mode, and it's visually distracting on the form. As a result, I'm constantly using hide-whens and computed fields to make the date display as plain text in Read mode.
Ideally, the date control would just display as plain text BY DEFAULT in Read mode, per the attached screenshot. I think it makes much more sense that way.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (30 Nov 2007)
This is a FANTASTIC idea Julian. I find dates in read mode very hard to read.
2) Slawek Rogulski9372 (30 Nov 2007)
This also applies to comboboxes. They can be rather gray when in read mode.
3) Corey Davis2837 (30 Nov 2007)
Ahem to that, brother!
4) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (30 Nov 2007)
And radio-butons, they should (at least as an option) let you show only the selected value in read mode...
5) Ron Kats1246 (01 Dec 2007)
@4 Karl, I use the Formula @if(@docisbeingedited; {your formula to get choices} ; @thisValue). Works great.

But still it would be much better for all of us to just show the appropiate values in Read mode.
6) John Cawrey948 (02 Dec 2007)
I suggested something similar a while back, I think it was on my list of 5 most wanted designer features when MBR asked sometime ago or something similar.<br /><br />I asked for something like this, but for all controls, such that they had a different apppearance in read mode, e.g. display as short date in edit mode, but long date in read mode
7) Michael Sobczak2837 (04 Dec 2007)
Hard to believe that the date/time controls display better in layout regions, which haven't been touched since R4...
8) Keil Wilson60 (24 Apr 2008)
You know, I've been using hide-when formulas and computed test to do this in my applications for a while now, because my users had trouble determining whether a form was in edit mode or not. OS Style text fields suffer the same problem and are even worse because there's no "graying" of the background. This is a great idea Julian and shouldn't be that hard to implement.
9) Colin Williams605 (10 Jun 2008)
Indeed! All those redundant hide-when formulas and computed fields would be made redundant overnight...I'd even have more time for coding.
10) Graham Richards2211 (06 Feb 2009)
I think any field that has an UI control that's used while editing the field (Dates, Times, Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Rich Text Light, etc.) should have a property to control how it looks when the document is in read mode.

Perhaps 3 options ?

1 - Have Read Mode look the same as Edit Mode (what we have today)
2 - Have Read Mode look the same as Edit Mode, but hide un-checked values
(i.e. Only show the checked values from a checklist, but still include the checked-box graphic)
3 - Display as text only.


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