Extend Notes URLs to execute agents with parameters 
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: Ben Langhinrichs7382 08 Nov 2007
: / Email
You can currently access a document in a Notes client by using notes://server/repid/viewid/noteid, but it would be really handy if this could be extended to allow notes://server/repid/agent?OpenAgent&MyArg1=arg1 and so on, with a CGI variable set in the agent in Notes the way it is on the web.  We already have the skills to parse the query string and all, but would just extend it to the web. 
I guess the same could be said for CGI variables on other Notes links.

1) Hynek Kobelka7940 (08 Nov 2007)
And why not add a specific parameter which would just trigger an agent without waiting for it to finish. This would be nice not only for the web, but also for the Notes client. (Today you can achieve this with a workaround through calling the server-console command {load amgr run "DB.nsf" 'AgentName'}, but why not have it easier.)
2) Mark Barton202 (09 Nov 2007)
Hynek -- would the option "Run in background client thread" under the agent properties not work for you along with the @Command[ToolsRunMacro]) for the Notes Client? The webside you would use an AJAX type request unless its a WQS.
3) Hynek Kobelka7940 (09 Nov 2007)
@Mark - As far as I know "Run in background client thread" is a nice feature, but it runs the code in the client and with his permissions. What I meant was the option to trigger an agent on the server (NotesAgent.RunOnServer) but having the choice to decide wheter my script should wait, till this agent finishes, or if it should continue running.
4) Pavel S679 (21 Jan 2010)
Previously, I used domino as a web server, now using NGINX with Ruby, and only now realize how many domino is not suitable for this purpose tool


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