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Symphony Programmability Overhaul 
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: John Head1027 15 Nov 2007
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I would like to see a complete overhaul of the Symphony Programability Model:
1. we need a way in Symphony to create template and file code, much like VBA is used in Office. It needs to be code that executes when a document is opened or a new document is created from a template. It does not need to be LotusScript or VBA. Javascript might be best here, as long as it is powerful enough
2. Some way to create dialogs that are included in the Symphony document
3. A language binding between Symphony and Notes. This should be LotusScript and allow for complete automation when writing code in a Notes application. LotusScript prefered
4. A total overhaul of the way Symphony works in Composite Applications ... I should be able to include any of the 3 applications, or a file, without writing a line of code. There should also be an easy way to map the bookmarks/fields/cells/ranges to the PropertyBroker
5. A true COM API to that I can automate Symphony from Outlook or Visual Studio.NET
6. True OLE2 support for empbedding Symphony into another application or document and the ability to automate that placed object
7. True OpenOffice.org 3 plugin support ... these work like Firefox plugins. We need the model to create them and the hosted site to distribute them and for users to browse and install.

1) Vitor Pereira1697 (15 Nov 2007)
I whish I could vote twice on this one.
2) Gavin Bollard1561 (15 Nov 2007)
Does anyone have any comments on the file format now that the ODF seems to have self destructed?
3) Ben Langhinrichs7009 (16 Nov 2007)
ODF has not "self destructed". Take a look at where all the noise is coming from. The OpenDocument Foundation, of which I was very, very briefly a member, blew apart, and the Microsoft contingent has had a heyday acting like this means ODF itself has fallen apart, but nothing could be further from the truth. The OpenDocument Foundation is three guys... and the fact that they use the name (without any authorization even) does not make them authorities. ODF is doing just fine, and improving all the time/
4) Nathan T. Freeman2636 (23 Nov 2007)
It's distressing that anyone in Lotus circles asked the question that Gavin just did. It's not his fault, but it's indicative of just how well that MS FUD campaign via ZDNet worked. :-(
5) Jason Hook2860 (07 Dec 2007)
Vitor I'm voting "twice" for you :-)
6) Rodrigo Duran171 (13 Dec 2007)
A lot of the functionality requested is already available through the Lotus Symphony Programmability APIs, although it is only available when embedded on Notes 8 environment. But, yes, I agree there is along improvement path to be followed.


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