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: Eric Larson2099 24 Apr 2008
: / Email
While DWA 8.0.2 should bring a supported browser interface to Domino mail on the iPhone, several of my customers have requested the ability to sync PIM information to the iPhone.

1) Brett Flagg272 (24 Apr 2008)

I've contacted lotus directly on this very issue and have pestered them on it on quite a few occasions.

Currently the only way to sync contact/calendars is with a 3rd part tool that costs 50+ USD.
Even then it syncs by way of Outlook <-> Notes, and U have to use iTunes to sync to Outlook. Your default email app has to be outlook for it to work. (very dumb but there it is...)

So as it stands.... us Lotus / iphone users are with hands in pocket staring at the sky waiting for that shooting star to wish by........

Got my promote no doubt.
2) John Head1126 (24 Apr 2008)
convince Apple of this .. they hold the control. Lotus is talking with Apple about this, but Apple has to WANT to do it. Send them email.
3) Craig Wiseman24988 (24 Apr 2008)
@2 - Any ideas on who, specifically, to email? just bounced....
4) Axel Janssen6869 (25 Apr 2008)
Traditionally Apple hasn't been a company focused on the consumer market. Their leader (guess name is Stephan Job, Steven Jobs, Steve Job or some such) once even said bluntly that Apple simply doesn't target the enterprise market. Now with IPhone they want to enter the Enterprise market, but thats the nearer future.
5) Barb Skedel796 (30 Apr 2008)
My company is seriously considering jumping platforms due to Apples announcement to wireless sync with Exchange. We have many iphones users and they are patiently awaiting the sync ability of their calendar and contacts. The DWA lite client isn't going to cut it I'm afraid. Who wants to manage 2 mail clients on a device?
6) Tom Oneil2358 (19 May 2008)
I'm surprised that there are companies out there allowing email to phones without BES or VPN.
7) Frode Danielsen193 (21 May 2008)
This wish needs to supported by a more important wish - get official PIM API! More 3. party applications would integrate if it was easier and did not involve knowing the inner workings of Notes/Domino, the mail template and personal contacts template. If it was plain easy to work with Notes PIM data - more would do it - maybe even before doint other integrations
8) Nathan T. Freeman2648 (09 Jun 2008)
It's important to get this matter in front of APPLE as well as IBM. Let them know. And be sure to mention how many mobile devices you already support!

{ Link }
9) John Roling792 (09 Jun 2008)
Also, please post to this forum post on Apple:

{ Link }

Thanks. The more we do, the better!

10) Charles Robinson8913 (09 Jun 2008)
I'll throw in my $0.02. I don't use an iPhone. I don't know anyone who does outside of the Yellowverse. My users are asking me for a faster Notes client, easier navigation between multiple-NSF applications, a workspace that roams, sensible error messages, icons (in Notes 8) that aren't so tiny they need a magnifying glass to distinguish between them... They could care less about mobile phone support.
11) Lance Spellman124 (10 Jun 2008)
Watch today's Apple WWDC keynote: { Link }

and you wouldn't even have a clue that there's another email vendor in the marketplace. Let's watch our marketshare erode yet some more. It's very frustrating to watch a keynote like this and see Exchange/Outlook/Sharepoint plastered all over the place.

Whatever was the cause of IBM and Apple not getting together on's another major black eye for Notes. Somebody needs to fix this fast.
12) Bill Buchan735 (10 Jun 2008)
Now if we could programmatically sync Notes with folks .mac / account...


My 2c. Domino support for BlackBerry is fantastic. But if we have a pile of C-Level folks, who want the iPhone, we *have* to support them. If we dont, then we create the situation where one of those folks will pull the plug on Domino.

It is a frankly brilliant piece of sharp business by the folks at Redmond, and you really have to stand in slack-jawed amazement at their sheer evilness.

*When* we're at the stage of supporting those iPhone users, then the issue of security and feature comparison can be made.. Before that - they basically dont believe the CIO. And with good cause -remember the y2k fiasco ?

Myself, I have little faith in IBM supplying a quick fix to this. Getting *anything* done in IBM involves management by committee ('A committee is an animal with four back legs') and so they're are a real 'elephant' in terms of response. Its a bit unfair of us to ask the folks we know (and sometimes like) to commit more time to causes like these - its tiring pushing that rock up the constant hill.

Lets not forget, two years ago, the folks in Westford had to supply their *own* pens and paper. Whilst working for the biggest computer company in the world, with multi-billion profits.

So like grandchildren running amok around the feet of an aging (and sometimes senile) grandparent, we have to push gently, cajole and encourage our less able family member to act. Screaming at them, whilst fun, achieves nothing.

(Lest the MS brigade find this post, it should be pointed out that 'Grandad Balmers' bed in the retirement home is ready and waiting...)

--* Bill
13) Jesper Henriz532 (10 Jun 2008)
I need this or we probaby will make the switch :(. Happy workers is a good investment for any company and an iphone instead of the boring phones they have today will make the employes happy.
14) Lars Berntrop-Bos199 (10 Jun 2008)
Given the better price point, we need to move quickly. Remember that the C-level folks get to boss the engineers around...
15) Oscar Antonio Morali Torres13 (10 Jun 2008)
This would be a great idea if Apple starts thinking 'bout all kinda users before dealing with the e-mail vendor. Sync is the key.
16) Ninke Westra2116 (11 Jun 2008)
Personally I don't care too much for push mail but being able to sync my mail/contacts/calendar with my iPhone I definately would like to see soon - after fixing the Standard client ;-)
17) Xavier Hernandez13 (14 Jun 2008)
With Apple’s announcement of MobileMe (Push services) for Consumers and ActiveSync push services integration with Apple’s Mail application for Enterprise use, I wonder if IBM (not Apple) is going to offer something for Domino/Notes!. Not just a DWA Lite.

So either IBM makes an API ActiveSync style or makes something using the SDK provided by Apple.

As for Apple NOT wanting, I don’t think that is the case:
a) they OPENED the iPhone then made a SDK
b) Developed Mobile Me, remember this from a company that their highest margins are in HARDWARE not software i.e. Mac, iPod, iPhone NOT in OSX, iTunes.
c) Licensed ActiveSync, IMAGINE they are going to use their archrivals (Microsoft) software UNBELIEVABLE, unless you realize…

THAT they definitely want - at least in the iPhone’s case, Mac’s I don’t know- to be in the enterprise

Maybe IBM’s hands are too full at this time......t
This situation doesn’t look good for Notes/Domino.....

18) Owen O'Connor116 (24 Jun 2008)
I watched Steve Jobs' wwdc keynote last week and felt that MS had finally closed the gap on Domino. They've been snapping at our heels for years but suddenly things have heated up. However, IBM aren't as senile as some suggest - they've invested significantly in R8, but that impetus doesn't seem to have transferred to the Domino community. It's up to us to get behind R8 and convince customers to upgrade.

The strongest message from Steve Jobs was between the lines - he is out to squash BlackBerry (as well as taking a swipe at Nintendo DS, Sony PSP). I suspect that Microsoft are just 'riding a different bear' { { Link } }
19) Bill Malchisky12192 (25 Jun 2008)
Anything we can do to help here is a good thing. @12's response is correct, imho. We need to gently, but effectively present the issue and the business case from multiple fronts. Apple will not move unless they can make a profit, and the more people that gain lucidity here, the better our chances become.

I would like an iPhone as all current smartphones bore me. But, it needs to support Notes, or it is just a fancy phone to me, and I have no better mail-access capability than I do on my Moto today.

Apple can make a lot of money by supporting the #1 or #2 (depending on the quarter, sector, and reviewer) messaging product and dive full-bore into the enterprise market with Lotus support on their mobile phone line. There is a huge market opportunity for them.

MS had a lock on the consumer market and it seems that perhaps Apple stayed close to their roots initially with their Exchange support. They should, imho, take a leap of faith and move deeper into the enterprise pool.

20) Erik Brooks915 (05 Mar 2010)
Isn't this completed with newer versions?
21) Craig Wiseman24988 (05 Mar 2010)
@20 iPhone support (while very very good) is still not complete, IMHO. You still can't initiate meetings (onlhy appointments), and tasks & journal are not synced yet.
22) Craig Wiseman24988 (05 Mar 2010)
Plus, I consider the iPad as part of this, and we don't yet know if that's going to be fully supported.
23) Thobias Sama174 (25 Mar 2010)
We need to be faster in this area!!!!


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