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: Vlad Sh10679 02 Nov 2010
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Load Client on Pentium-4 2,8 MHz 2Gb - 20 seconds! And this despite the fact that when you install the Client was set option, is responsible for loading the core elements of the Client to speed up loading it.. The first call to the context menu on the icon of the database - 4 seconds! Is it really such a difficult operation? When transiting to Java-GUI (Notes Client, Domino Designer) greatly decreased the rate. I see the following problems:
  1. Wrong order for determining and drawing windows (icons). This can be seen when loading the Client when the option "Dock the Open List" in the menu "View": first defined and drawn the lower icon, and then the top (see screenshots).
  2. A similar problem - change the Working Set in Domino Designer, or remove the icon of the database from the Working Set - it is very slow when a lot of shortcuts database, then the window often and displeasingly flashes... Developer as soon as possible should be given the opportunity to work, that is instantly display the selected working set, and other processes (closing / saving of being closed set, and others) to produce a background process, not hinder the developer - sometimes these processes are so cumbersome (it is not clear why?) that the mouse pointer moves jerkily (work in such a mode is impossible)..
  3. Gradual drawing, ie when tiniest interface changes follows immediate redrawed windows, that strongly slows GUI and Lotus-applications in general.
  4. Twitching of the windows. When you switch from the designer in the client and vice versa all the internal windows nasty jerk.
  5. Prolonged use of the Client and Designer of Java-GUI starts work aggressively. I have a OS Windows taskbar in the properties of the option "Auto-hide the taskbar", when your mouse it should pop up, but when the on-screen client or designer, after prolonged operation this does not happen. Moreover, display the taskbar, and switch from the Designer to the Client or another program can only minimize each or pressing Win+D.
There have been persistent rumors that the Domino Administrator with the 9-version of Lotus going to rewrite on Java (Eclipse).. Judging by the work of the Client and Designer versions 8.x.x - just horror takes on the news, as Administrator was the most reliable and rapid Lotus application.. I beg to optimize the algorithms for rendering boxes and their contents. Also, ask before drawing off WM_SETREDRAW, and after drawing - on, - the speed will increase by several times! A new kind of window will be displayed instantly, and will not be nasty twitching. I beg to do it for all the Client and Designer interface. If anyone has elaboration and suggestions, please write in comments. Increased computational power of computers - that's no excuse, something must be done about this.  

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