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: Thomas Leriche1803 13 Nov 2009
: / Email
RAM and network are big dependencies, but application speed is the single most important feature of any software application. If IBM could make Lotus Notes the fastest email client on the planet they would surely grab back a huge chunk of market share.  This is as basic as it gets.... we want speed... speed... and more speed.  Enough with the bells and whistles... let's get back to basics!

1) Peter Presnell28487 (13 Nov 2009)
Its something of a motherhood statement but I do agree its is very important. I suspevct the issue is more one of maling Eclipse faster than it is Notes itself. I see most people complaining about Notes Standard versus Notes Basic.
2) Paul Davies13558 (15 Nov 2009)
Normally I would just consider such a suggestion as pointless, but the mail eclipse app does seem to have some very frustrating slow points in it. Even simple things like waiting for the selected document to appear in the right-hand frame.
3) David Hablewitz15116 (16 Nov 2009)
Funny. I have long made the point that with all this fancy Pentium quad core, liquid-cooled, multi-processor, graphics accelerator, broadband, HD, multi-screen, mouse-driven, gooey GUI... I still can't write a mail message any faster than I did on my PC XT with 32 lines on a character-based green screen. In other words, no matter how fast they make computers, programmers will always find a way to use a bit more of the resources than are available.

You want basic and fast? Use Notes R4.6. It is still compatible with Domino 8.5.1. Don't blink or you will miss the splash screen when it loads.
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (05 Jan 2010)
I do agree with this. Also note that Andrew Pollack posted about a year ago, a link on "Make Notes Run Fast = Yes" option for the Eclipse-base Notes client. It does help a lot, but the view indexing and switching is still a bit slow.

{ Link }

Beyond this, more work needs to be done.
5) Mark Demicoli10736 (10 Jan 2010)
I think the performance issues are deep architectural ones. Most likely the backward compatibility is a big factor (ie a lot of stuff should have been rewritten but built upon instead due to stated reason). Remember also that other mail clients DOWNLOAD memos and therefore are accessed locally when previewed/opened etc. Notes client does NPRC calls to the server.

A possible solution would be caching or preloading the most recent N memos. Users with local mail files have less of a significantly smaller performance problem, however this requires managed replication which can be broken by users in so many ways.

6) Bill Malchisky12192 (10 Jan 2010)
@5 Perhaps we are looking at this in different ways. Your second paragraph indicates (to me) that local mail doesn't speed-up the end-user experience. It does, but yes, does not speed-up the client's internals. Eclipse certainly creates a large footprint and can be made more efficient.

Many firms use local replicas and policy documents can force replication settings. Uncertain to what you are referring as to how with ND8.5, users are breaking managed replication "in so many ways." They may be able to stop it temporarily, but not break-it in an extended manner.

Remember that Notes is a groupware platform that also does e-mail. It is not the best e-mail client, but has evolved nicely over the past several releases. Other mail clients just do mail -- including Outlook, a mail client that attempts to extend itself to groupware capabilities afterwards. A completely different design model. There are pros and cons to that approach.
7) Mark Demicoli10736 (10 Jan 2010)
@Bill: Agreed, but by far the largest revenue stream, and comenserate complaints about usability are from the Notes Mail application's performance.

Personally I'm happy with 8.5.1's performance, but I can understand how Outlook users find Notes like a lumbering dinosaur for basic things like preview. Hence my previous speculations.


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