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: Uwe Grunewald576 19 Feb 2008
: / Email
Wouldn't it be nice, if the birthday maintained in the personal address book would appear in the Notes Calendar?
Moreover, creating a birthday (anniversary) has always a strange touch, when I need to decide "how long this person may live". Other Calendar programs do create birthday "forever".

1) Paul Davies13558 (19 Feb 2008)
absolutely - setting how long someone's birthday will last is creepy.
2) Marie Scott5130 (19 Feb 2008)
Some other mechanism needs to be offered. We have had numerous issues with birthdays when they have ported over from other mail systems, PDAs, and entered as repeating events in the calendar (repeating for 100 years) - and then say a user deletes the parent event.
3) Christian Brandlehner3226 (21 Feb 2008)
I agree with Marie, having birthdays in the calendar is not a good solution.
4) Mark Haller1299 (22 Feb 2008)
Hahaha, just laughed .. I had <never> in all my born days (or ones left) ever thought about how long a birthday entry should last. Oh man, and now I am and thinking how many I added recently and how old or young they all are!

But a fantastic idea. And soooo simple to put in place.

I love the idea ... sorry Christian/Marie ... the concept of a repeating entry is another thing entirely, but the idea of birthdays in your face, when I use my one diary and ToDo list to manage what I've got to do, is great.
5) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (29 Feb 2008)
This idea already exist:

Show birthdays from my contacts in my calendar
{ Link }

6) Jamie Colpean1010 (10 Mar 2008)
Please make this simple feature work.... this is about as frustrating as anything a user who actually WANTS to live in Notes will experience.
7) Bruce Lill10666 (20 Nov 2009)
Now with 8.5.1 it can be a federated calendar, that would only require a view be added to the personal address book or to the mail file. Then users can easily add it if they want to.
8) Uwe Grunewald576 (21 Nov 2009)
Great hint. Just added a view named "Calendar" in my personal address book.

First column "Date" = @Date(@Year(@Now); @Month(Birthday); @Day(Birthday))

Second Column: "Duration" = 0

Third Column: "Starttime" = @Time(8;0;0)

Fourth Column: (almost stolen from BA view in the pnab)
dsp := @Text(@Name([CN]; Fullname));
nowMonth := @Month(@Today);
bdayMonth := @Month(Birthday);
annivMonth := @Month(Anniversary);
getbday := @If(nowMonth < bdayMonth; (@Year(@Today) - @Year(birthday)) -1; @Year(@Today) - @Year(birthday));
getanniv := @If(nowMonth < annivMonth; (@Year(@Today) - @Year(anniversary)) -1; @Year(@Today) - @Year(anniversary));
bday := @If(getbday = 0; "<1"; @Text(getbday));
anniv := @If(getanniv = 0; "<1"; @Text(getanniv));
@If(Birthday != "" & Anniversary != ""; bday : anniv;
Birthday!= "" & Aniversary = ""; bday;
Birthday = "" & Anniversary != ""; anniv; "");
dsp + " (" + bday +")"

Now, it works nice. However there are two disadvantages:

a) Since the documents are only being mapped to the Calendar, they don't synchronize with my PIM (BlackBerry)

b) The Birthday Calendar entries don not appear as "anniversaries" and, the way I buildt the first column, I cannot see the entries in the current year only.

Anyone out there, who is an experienced Notes Developer to post a better "Calendar" View for the personal address book?

May be IBM can provide this view with the 8.5.2 version of the personal address book?

Would be much appreciated.
9) Uwe Grunewald576 (21 Nov 2009)
Sorry, the first column should read:

@Date(@Year(@Now); @Month(Birthday); @Day(Birthday);8;0;0)

since it needs to be a full date/time value


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