Allow us to use X-Spam-Level in rules 
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: rules, X-Spam-Level
: Bastian Wieczorek8390 25 Feb 2008
: / Email
in Lotus Domino 7.x (not sure if it is changed in R8.x) you can only add a *Possible_SPAM* to the subject (for example if you use Symantec Antispam or SpamAssasin) so that a rule can move this eMail to your spamfolder. But sometimes it happen that it isn´t spam. So the user send this eMail to another person... and ... you guess it... it will catched again as spam by the rule.
The best option to work with is, to allow us to work with: X-Spam-Level.
If X-Spam-Level is bigger that 7 -> delete
if X-Spam-Level is smaller that 7 but bigger than 4 -> move to spam folder
such kind of rules would be very very helpfull... (By the way... every other product can use X-Spam-Level.)

1) Christian Brandlehner3226 (25 Feb 2008)
If this is a requirement in your environment you may think about customizing the mailrules. As mailrules are just @formulas executed by the router, you can hack the mail template to create formulas the way you need them.
2) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (25 Feb 2008)
Hello Christian, this sounds very interesting. Which mailrules does we need to customize? The rule form in our mailfile template?

But it would be nice to have it by default in a mailtemplate (IBM Supporting reason).
3) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (01 Mar 2008)
I created a Enhancement request (#NKEY7CALEQ / V80). If somebody like to raise it... please open a PMR @ IBM like this : "Hello IBM, I wish to raise Enhancement request (#NKEY7CALEQ / V80). Please add a customer Report to this, thanks" I think this would be enough...
4) Oliver Regelmann6412 (03 Mar 2008)
I'd enhance this to allow ANY mail header to be used in a mail rule.

@Bastian: Search Chris Linfoot's blog ({ Link } for enhanced mail rules. IIRC he's got some nice examples there.
5) Oliver Regelmann6412 (03 Mar 2008)
argh. remove that closing parenthesis from my link.


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