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: Nathan T. Freeman2648 19 Dec 2007
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Make a STOP button next to the Open button that does exactly what Ctrl+Break does.  Right now, that's just the super-secret keystroke for power users only.
UPDATE: Just to clarify, there IS a Stop button in the toolbar today.  But it's not useful, because when your client is in a wait state, such as when running a long agent process, you CAN'T CLICK ON IT.

1) Jess Stratton1270 (19 Dec 2007)
Good idea... even us power users have trouble fumbling with the CTRL+break combo on a lappy, especially when things go awry and you're in "whoops" mode. :-)
2) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (19 Dec 2007)
Well, if there has to be a stop button, it'd better works like Ctrl+Break.
3) John Head1126 (19 Dec 2007)
only if this is tied to a preference or ini parameter and is default off. Last thing we need is people clicking that just because it is there
4) Matt White13605 (19 Dec 2007)
Couldn't agree more, with my MBP where I don't have a Break key, I have to get up a soft keyboard to break out of agents etc. Yes Please :-)
5) Theo Heselmans9557 (19 Dec 2007)
Make it visible only if the designer is installed/running ?
6) Nathan T. Freeman2648 (19 Dec 2007)
@5 - Theo, the thing that made me think about this was overhearing my boss tell our financial controller that she could stop a hung reply message by hitting Ctrl+Break. I think it has excellent end-user applications.

The only reason I'd want to policy-control it per John's suggestion is because so few Notes apps have graceful handling of a Ctrl+Break event today. But this would just make us all write better code.
7) Keil Wilson190 (19 Dec 2007)
The thought that the end users can easily ctrl-break scares the hell out of me. I'm thinking about an LS action button I've written that updates thousands of documents while the user waits (they are all so patient, you know). The reality, though, is that it doesn't take a ctrl-break like action to kill a script like that. Bad wireless connectivity, a server outage, a crash of the user's machine could all create the same problem, and my code ought to handle it. Unfortunately, it probably doesn't. While it might increase the likelihood of a script stopping before successful completion, a stop button certainly wouldn't be the sole cause.

So, Nathan, you've given one scenario where this may be useful to the users. What are some others? I'm trying to understand the full benefit of this for the users given the potential trade-off that our old or less-"graceful" code might see more early terminations and/or problems.
8) Ben Poole2370 (19 Dec 2007)
AMEN! And Matt, which soft keyboard do you use on your Mac? I've installed on in XP in VMware to no avail...
9) Jess Stratton1270 (19 Dec 2007)
It sounds like a perfect marriage of this idea and the suggestions that follow is to have it be a Notes client context-plugin that installs when the Designer client is installed.
10) Jess Stratton1270 (19 Dec 2007)
Whoops, #5 already suggested that. Theo, I wholeheartedly agree with you! :-)
11) Bruce Elgort12540 (19 Dec 2007)
Jess is an idea jam newbie as of today. Welcome aboard Jess!
12) Jess Stratton1270 (19 Dec 2007)
Thanks Bruce! Better late than never, right? Like I said, lately, if I managed to get dressed I consider it a productive day. I'm coding and admining with an infant glued to my hip. So anything that makes life easier, and will allow me to get something done quicker is a BIG PROMOTE from me. :-)
13) Matt White13605 (20 Dec 2007)
@8 - I just use the keyboard that comes with Windows... Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Accessibility --> On Screen Keyboard, it offers enough functionality to be able to send a Ctrl-Break to Notes.
14) Bill Malchisky12192 (20 Dec 2007)
The Ctrl+Break is something I train my clients' end-users and well, unless they write it down and are's a loss cause. Many are thankful for the tip, though. In the end, a Stop sign with "Stop" inside would be great...just to the right of the Open button and to the left of the thumbnail button. Perfect placement.
15) Gregg Eldred8655 (21 Dec 2007)
Like many of us have noted, this would be huge for the end-users.
16) Ninke Westra2116 (22 Dec 2007)
a stop button that actually works would be nice yes ;-)
17) Slawek Rogulski9372 (03 Jan 2008)
With the way that multi-threading has been implemented in the client having a button may just not work as it will be locked like the rest of the UI. Keyboard on the other hand is on a different interrupt. Still I think it may be worth exposing this function to regular users through a button.
18) Paul Hobson173 (09 Jan 2008)
@Matt (4) I'm in the same position. 'Break' is probably a banned word @ Cupertino :)
19) Gareth Howell545 (20 Jan 2008)
Oh, yes. Particularly for us Mac users
20) The Turtle1101 (28 Jan 2008)
Yeah, definitely for Mac users.
21) Ben Poole2370 (03 Feb 2008)
This idea is surely a no-brainer... why would anyone demote??
22) Emil Wessberg19 (06 Feb 2008)
@7 - I'm a little bit agreeing here. It's a big difference if the result of pushing the STOP button is canceling a
- view refresh/opening
- UI rendering
- doc or Attachment opening
or if it's breaking a script doing
- calculation
- updates
- data shuffling in- or out of Notes
- etc.
How about if this (functioning) button was paired with an event of Ctrl-Break/STOP in the programming model so the 'graceful handling' in code would be possible?
23) Ben Poole2370 (07 Feb 2008)
I haven't tested it with CTRL-BREAK, but in Lotusscript we have a Terminate event which should be used to handle code exits gracefully.


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