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: Keith Brooks6439 08 Nov 2007
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I am tired of a grey background, or blue or whatever color my system uses that I can choose.
I want to have bmps, jpgs, animated ones even would be cool.
The younger generation wants easily customizable solutions.
Would it be so hard to just have a preference to change bitmap/graphic for the workspace to stick in corp logo?
Years ago it was a bmp I believe, but no longer.
If I am wrong, and I missed the bmp in a nsf someplace please IM so I can edit mine ASAP

1) Mika Heinonen3778 (12 Nov 2007)
Yes, I hope Notes 9 will use OpenGL 2.0+ to show the workspace texture as a 3D face with bumpmapping, normal mapping, specular mapping, displacement mapping, etc...
All standard stuff for 3D engines.
2) Richard Schwartz4594 (13 Nov 2007)
All work on the workspace is time wasted. The effort should be put into making bookmarks work as well as the workspace for all purposes.
3) Jean-Yves Riverin458 (14 Nov 2007)

Give Your Workspace A Makeover!
{ Link }


4) Keith Brooks6439 (15 Nov 2007)
that link goes nowhere, they dropped the product that was linked and the multipe screen effort to get my name and email just annoyed me.
If they can do it, why can't I?
5) Keith Brooks6439 (15 Nov 2007)
Richard, the flip side of this request is to make my mail "float" so it can be anywhere on my workspace. Like I can do with Sametime.
6) Daz Miles97 (13 Dec 2007)
What I think would be nice is to make the Workspace like Windows Explorer.
In that you could view Application (database) icons in one of several ways:

- Thumbnails <-- think of the Workspace now as this mode. Various tabs
are much like folders.
- Tiles
- Icons
- List <--- Much like Notes bookmarks now.
- Details

So you could go to the Workspace and select one of these modes to view your
range of Application icons in various ways. Say right click and jump b/w
these modes if you wanted too. Even the ability to Zoom the Workspace
in/out could be nice too....say with a slider up/down the right side of the
workspace, or like Word 2007 has (one feature I did like about Office 2007 -
7) Pierre Lalonde142 (27 Dec 2007)
Maybe it's time to design a brand new workspace. It's been around since version 1 or 2 and even if it's a good way to organise things, it looks DULL!

Bring young talented people and redesign everything. 2008 is comming...

> Icon (png support)
> Application title
> Location (server, path / ReplicaID)
> Size (File size, Index size, Quota and document count)

Maybe that the square could be replace with something more appropriate like a round corner rectangular?
8) Bastian Wieczorek8390 (29 Apr 2008)
There is a new plugin available which can be used to "skin" the Lotus Notes Workspace.

Have a look on this page:
{ Link }
9) Zoltan Szabo4849 (25 Nov 2012)
I talked with my colleague, who is a Lever3 Support engineer for Domino. He told meg that when R8 started to be developed, IBM asked the largest customers if they want to keep workspace or not. The ALL answered YES.


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