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Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) 
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: windows Phone 7
: Craig Wiseman21821 14 Oct 2010
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 At this point, the primary platforms are Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. Windows Phone 7 has launched, and it has a reasonable chance to add itself to the more popular smartphone OSes. 
I would imagine that WinPhone7 will play best with Traveler's activesync, and I'm sure that IBM needs some *cough* lead time to get it all up to snuff. It would be very helpful to have Traveler ready to go when users start requesting support.

1) Bill Malchisky9254 (19 Oct 2010)
@Craig, how many of your users are yammering for WinPhone7? I'm not seeing much demand for it. But I do agree, that when it goes, there should be support in Traveler. I think it will though.
2) Craig Wiseman21821 (19 Oct 2010)
@Bill - I've had a surprisingly large number of folks ask me what I thought of them, and then go on to ask to be kept up to date going forward.

Actually more questions than I've had for any android device, and we've got Touchdown working at this point for those folks.

So, I'm taking that interest as a leading indicator of future viability.

Some people are tired of the locked-in Apple system and are wary of the "some assembly required" Android alternative.

WinPhone7 might well be the sweet middle ground.

3) Gregg Eldred5345 (20 Oct 2010)
@Bill - Regardless of the popularity, it is a WinMo phone which IBM supported in the initial (and subsequent) releases of Traveler. WinPhone7 *should* be supported by Traveler.

I promoted this idea.
4) Bill Malchisky9254 (20 Oct 2010)
@Gregg I did state support should exist...I just wanted @Craig's perspective, as no one I know is sleeping outside their cellular store for this phone. (Contrasting to iPhone, and Android releases) . :)
5) Gregg Eldred5345 (20 Oct 2010)
@Bill - LOL! Point taken, thanks for the laugh.
6) Craig Wiseman21821 (20 Oct 2010)
Here's a theory I have on this:

Palm & WebOS .almost. made it, even with no cash and a rather creepy and ineffective marketing campaign (apparently ALL the technologies I like have to have pathetic marketing & sales efforts).

WinPhone7 has a spiffy OS (like Palm), a very nice development environment (like Palm), very cool tie-ins to things like Xbox live, and the support and cash from Microsoft. And Microsoft is rather desperate for it to succeed and they have the mountains of cash (from your Win & Office licenses) to really give it a go.

It's hard to see how WinPhone7 won't at least become a significant player.
7) Peter Presnell26659 (11 Nov 2010)
Lets hope WinPhone 7 has more success than the Kin or the product will be dead before IBM have completed the code!
8) Craig Wiseman21821 (11 Nov 2010)
@7 The Kin actually was an early version of WinPhone7, without the appstore and a very strange study. Paul Thurrot talks about it here:
{ Link }
9) Mat Newman210 (11 Feb 2011)
With the Nokia-Microsoft announcement it is now important that this platform be supported.

Whatever the opinion of Nokia in North America, elsewhere around the world Nokia is an extremely popular manufacturer. With their decision to use WinMo7 as their SmartPhone platform, there will be a demand for Traveler support from Nokia customers on WinMo7 devices.

Hope to see WinMo7 support sooner, rather than later.

{ Link }


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