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: Charles Robinson8913 18 Feb 2008
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XPages are coming in ND 8.5.  (If you don't know what XPages are, Andrew Pollack did an excellent writeup.)   These are super cool and amazing, but Lotus is only planning to expose them on the web in ND 8.5.  They are considering exposing them to the Notes client in a later release.  I want to make sure that IBM/Lotus understands that we definitely want them exposed in the Notes client, and sooner is better.

1) Stan Rogers1200 (18 Feb 2008)
YES! (But don't put off Domino or Designer 8.5 if you can't hit the dot five dot zero release on that account -- better web than nothing.)
2) Gregg Bendtsen58 (11 Mar 2008)
Stan: Agreed.
3) Jo Grant1444 (04 Feb 2009)
You need to clarify what you mean by "XPages in the client". A lot of people are asking for this, but aren't saying exactly what they mean. You can run the embedded browser, point it at an XPage application running on a Domino server and, bingo, you have XPages on the client. If you don't ask for what you want more specifically, you might end up with something like that.
4) Charles Robinson8913 (04 Feb 2009)
Jo - I'm not sure how I could possibly be more explicit without dictating implementation details. XPages need to be presented the same as Notes documents, and I think what I wrote conveys this clearly.
5) Uwe Scheunemann22 (12 Jun 2009)
I would also be pleased, if I could use XPages in the Lotus Notes Client. Especially it should use the notes authentication. It should not be neccessary to login again, if I use a XPage application in the embedded browser inside the Notes Client. Or will this already work?
I would prefere to use XPages, because it gives me a convenient way to link data stored in lotus notes application to data from relational data sources (using jdbc).
6) Bruce Lill10666 (28 Oct 2009)
It seems you got your wish with 8.5.1
7) Bruce Elgort12540 (10 Dec 2009)
Status changed to Complete


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