Please make it possible to modify Calendar Entry type and repeat properties 
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: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, usability
: Eric Wilson1688 07 Apr 2008
: / Email
It's a BIG nuisance that once a Celendar Entry is saved you can't change its type or it's repeat properties.  This leads to lots of recreation of Enties on a regular basis.
PLEASE fix this.  I hear from customers about this more often than I'd like and I encounter this myself quite often.

1) David Lundy1694 (16 Apr 2008)
Also please revisit how the whole repeating calendar entry mechanism works. It's B-U-G-G-Y!
2) Keith Collyer635 (24 Jun 2009)
This is exposing far too much of the underlying database to users. When I delete a repeating entry, I don't want to be told that I need to open an instance - Notes knows what I am trying to do, it should just open the instance for me. Or, in fact, not open it at all, it should just delete the darned thing. OK, check with me whether I really want to delete them all. Maybe even give me the option to select (NOT "open") an instance so I can delete it and all before or all after.

And while you are at it, if a repeated entry actually has no instances, just delete it. It's a bug that it has no instances, now you are punishing me because of that?
3) Keith Collyer635 (24 Sep 2010)
Commenting again mostly to get it noticed. The idea of not being able to edit a repeat for a calendar entry is frankly bizarre. I have NEVER used any calendar / diary software, on any platform (DOS, Windows 3 - 7, Palm, even my Nokia phone) that allows me to create repeating entries but then not edit the repeats.


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