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: Roland Reddekop4539 11 Apr 2008
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I was disappointed, after the hoopla about Quickr Entry (formerly coined Quickr Personal) to see that it does not support folders, which makes it pretty unfriendly to get new users to use it. Don't expect to see our users drag and dropping their files to Quckr en masse now. I think if Lotus wants to fight Sharepoint they need to up the ante a bit here.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (11 Apr 2008)
Roland can you post a screen shot of what this looks like? You can do so by editing your idea and attaching a png, gif or jpg.
2) Roland Reddekop4539 (11 Apr 2008)
Bruce, screenshot uploaded. I made it the max size supported on Idea Jam (450px). A higher max size would be better though...idealy 600 px. Hope this helps.

Couple notes:

--In Firefox, if you move your mouse over the "twistee" looking thing to the left of the Time label, it highlights, but there is no code to change views. Its almost as if the designers were toying with the idea of having different filters over the view like "by folder, by tag", etc. but pulled it out, except for this mouseover remnant. In the Quickr forum someone confirmed that Quickr Entry is a flat view only (no folders or by category or by tag). The only filter available over this flat view is Time.

--If you drag a file folder to the upload target, it ignores all sub folders

--In the Explorer connector, when you are working with an Entry place, the function to create folders is not available. Dragging folders into the Explorer connector results in sub folders being ignored

3) Kevin Hansen461 (15 May 2008)
This is not only a great idea, but an essential feature from my organization's perspective. Quickr Entry is an incredibly valuable tool, but it won't be adopted (and thus, people will be less likely to want to also use the full Quickr version) unless they can create/import/drag-n-drop their folders.
4) Daniel Reichelt333 (09 Oct 2008)
not really essential but promotable. just folders - not more for the entry version ;-)
5) Luis Benitez898 (10 Feb 2012)
Status changed to Rejected
6) Luis Benitez898 (10 Feb 2012)
Marking rejected as quickr entry no longer exists.


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