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: Bill Schroeder673 18 Dec 2007
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When a user attempts to send a meeting invitation, Notes should first check the availability of all of those users invited & also check both the availability of the room & access to the room. If any of the invitees are not shown as available OR if th room is not available OR if the room is restricted, the user should receive a noticeable warning asking whether they still want to send the invitations. This will save many hours of rescheduling as well as prevent those users who do not check for invitation responses from believing all will attend their meeting.

1) Peter Moline1474 (18 Dec 2007)
Yeah, a popup telling you that the room is booked, or so-and-so is busy, do you still want to send the invitation? would be nice.
It's not going to solve all your problems - off line users who haven't replicated the local freetime database would be one case.
2) Mark Sta Ana432 (18 Dec 2007)
Guys, this already exists? It's called the Scheduler? Create a meeting, add your invites and then click on the section called Scheduler. You'll see everyone's availability (including the room). We've had this since Notes R5.
3) Peter Presnell28487 (19 Dec 2007)
I agree, if people aren't already using the scheduler to check if people are available on the nominated date/time in the first place I doubt if they will take any notice of a warning prompt. Too many warnings/prompts can end up being a bad thing....
4) Gavin Bollard1648 (19 Dec 2007)
My experience with Room Bookings in Notes. Filled out the form and submitted it expecting to be notified about the room. A few minutes later I got an email from the room saying it wasn't available. I thought damn... I wonder what happens to my invites to people... So stopped using the calendar for invites.

I know how to use the scheduler but with some people it becomes almost impossible to navigate the whole pink and green mess.

I don't want to be notified about person availability, the scheduler can sort that out for me but I do want to know about the room availability before I send my invite.
5) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (19 Dec 2007)
Gavin, if there is a "pink and green mess", that's how availability of your invitees is, no? After all, as soon as the bar becomes green, your fine. If that is not possible, it's not possible. Nothing a software could do about it. Also, room availability is shown in the scheduler as well. If it doesn't work as it should, there might be a configuration issue.

One more reason for my demote: Even if people are not available (yet), I might still want to invite them, hoping that they will cancel whatever might keep them from attending.
6) John Head1126 (19 Dec 2007)
how are you going to do this for people outside your domain? More than half of the people I invite to meetings do not have mail on my Domino server
7) Bill Schroeder673 (09 Jan 2008)
We already advise our users to check for availability first. If they actually followed instructions, I wouldn't have had to post this idea. You simply cannot count on users to check availability. And I am NOT suggesting that Lotus prevent thew scheduling people who are already booked. I am suggesting that the chair be warned & given the option to invite anyway. As far as external invitees, I think they should be excluded from the lookup.
8) Eric Lohry2745 (15 Jan 2008)
I am in agreement with 7. Its a matter of adding a pop up. the truth is, people don't often check even when they have been trained.
9) Randy Smith3794 (15 Jan 2008)
To help with the "pink and green mess", a new feature in ND8 allows you to uncheck individual invitees in the scheduler to exclude them from the free time search while you look for an available time slot.
10) Bruce Kahn167 (18 Mar 2008)
It seems clunky to me that if the client already knows that at least a Room is not available it get in the users face and say "Hey, I just told you the Room A is not free at the time you want. Pick another time or another room!". After all what good is it to know the user will just get an immediate Decline notice back which they may or may not see and do nothing to prevent them from getting frustrated later on??
11) Karen Hooper4016 (25 Mar 2008)
I love the Scheduler but it is true that not many users use it and appreciate it. I almost think they want to live in denial and just believe that because they have invited them, of course they will all be available. I agree a pop should say something like, "not everyone including rooms and resources you invited show as being available, do you want to view the Scheduler, Yes or No".
12) Craig Boudreaux250 (04 Feb 2009)
I like the idea Karen has @11, a popup would direct those to the scheduler... and all the information needed is already there, so this wouldn't be a complicated idea.
13) Gregory Engels1706 (27 Feb 2009)
Hey, End-Users are not Idiots. If someone want to start a rescheduling orgy, you will not be able to stop him. It is better, when people are talking to each other to solve problems, than to try to create some stupid dialog boxes no one ever cares to read.
14) Patty Weis91 (07 Apr 2009)
I still run into users who are sloppy about checking other's availability or when they do, they don't pay close enough attention and still send it out when they see one person is busy but don't realize that another person is busy as well and think it's just the one so it won't matter. I can't tell you how many times I've had to change my appointments because the chair was sloppy about checking before sending the invitation and they refused to reschedule it when I pointed out that I wasn't available.

We also run into situations where they physically open our calendars and think we're available because they don't see anything and send the invitation. When in reality, I have my free time set to end at 4 PM and not available at all on Fridays.

When you accept an invitation, it warns you of a conflict. I would like the same conflict warning before the Chair sends the invitation.


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