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: LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: BP, Lotusphere
: Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 05 Sep 2008
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This session would mainly contain a number of useful tips for the beginners in Notes programming.
It should not contain the basics of programming, nor focus on any particular classes. Instead it will be an overview of what to think about, and some useful tips and tricks:
* Why Lotusscript and Javascript, and not just @Formula? Explain how important it is to know all three languages and point out where one can be used but not another.
* Templates, what are they, why use them? Explain cascading templates and their benefits.
* Using lists in Lotusscript. Explain why this is such a powerful data type, and give a few example of how it can speed up application and make them much easier to write.
* Object Oriented Lotusscript - what is it and why use it? Give a few small examples to wet their appetite, then refer to in-depth session
* UI design: why is this important? 10 tips for creating an application your users will like, without thinking Notes sucks. Refer to in-depth sessions.
* Easy maintenance: why it is important to write code easy to read, and how you can help yoru self or your fellow developers, e.g. by using red for hidden text on forms/in views, and other de-facto standards. Also talk about form/view/variable/script library naming conventions.

The idea is to get an overview, with a few tips and tricks for each section, and then refer to more in-depth sessions where they will learn more.

Oh, if you demote this idea, I would appreciate a comment about why, what your thoughts are, etc. That might help me improving the submission.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (05 Sep 2008)
Clearly only the Jump Start sessions are geared towards new developers and having as session for newbies is a good idea. A session like the one you suggest would attract new devs as well as possibly Notes/Domino Admins who want to begin and learn how to develop applications. Good stuff.
2) Theo Heselmans9557 (06 Sep 2008)
Good idea indeed. The question however is: how many newbies will be at LS ?
3) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (06 Sep 2008)
@Theo: Hopefully there will be a number of newbies there. You have the admins who might want to start dabble in development as well, as Bruce points out, and there are (from what I can judge on and comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmer) a fairly large number of developers who ony do @Formula and never do Lotusscript.
I also see a target audience of managers, who perhaps want to get some ideas about what you can do with Notes. Instead of going to one or two in-depth sections, they can go to a session like this, and see a number of different techniques and applications.

4) Ben Poole2370 (06 Sep 2008)
Do we still have newbie developers in the Domino world? I thought we were all oldies now ;o) Anyway, good idea.
5) Joe Puglisi601 (10 Sep 2008)
@Ben there will be at least one newbie admin/developer at LS :-) I'm recently out of college and have been working with Notes since then. I'm really excited about going and like the idea of this session a lot because it's easy to get into bad habits when your inexperienced.
6) Boudewijn van Rijnsoever37 (17 Sep 2008)
Good Idea.. Even if your an old(b)ie... it's good to see if your not using to much script in stet of @Formula.
7) Joe Litton173 (22 Sep 2008)
Very good idea. And you may even want to adjust the title to "Best practices for new (and not-so-new) Notes developers"

There are many developers who've been producing useful apps for years ...and could still benefit from these ideas. I, for one, would like to attend this session, steal some ideas for myself, and share with colleagues. I have plenty of opportunity to improve.
8) Andrew Pollack2817 (25 Sep 2008)
IMO, this would be a good session, but should be in a jumpstart. I've given it a non-vote (no opinion) based on that.


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