Support for very high log activity in HTTP server 
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: Mike Woolsey4870 28 Feb 2014
: / Email
It happens too often. I come upon a server that the customer has called in as being unstable while running the Web server. I come in, and
the domlog is huge. I mean lots of gigabytes of data.
The domlog is unused. That's mostly because it can't be opened, so much data's being added, the view update can't even happen.
The domlog is impossible to analyze. Again, it'd require a whole other server to get the thing's views open, but scanning it for even a bit of data proves practically impossible.
One tradeoff suggestion: store the messages more like the log.nsf. Put multiple messages in a single doc. I'm serious. I 'm noncommittal about this format because it's not ideal, but at least it shields the server from having to update views with 100k-Ms of docs. Plus, Development probably already has the code to write to "another log.nsf". That would be far preferred over my situation, where the log takes hours just to open it.
I could think of other possibilities, too. Highly specialized view indexes & collections, that may eventually take their places as new view types for high-performance applications. Hey, I can dream.

1) Carl Tyler5343 (01 Mar 2014)
You may find the option to log to files vs nsf better suited for you. They use an industry standard format and there are many 3rd party tools that can read them.
2) Mark Demicoli10736 (08 Apr 2014)
Carl is right and I would also assert that logging is not just for 'critical debugging' - a conscientious policy would try to log as much as possible without destroying performance.

Solution realistically is to implement archiving of DomLog with "delete documents" rather than copying to archive database. Run a regular Program document to purge documents from domlog older than say 2 weeks.
3) Mark Demicoli10736 (08 Apr 2014)
addendum: Program doc would load compact -A on domlog.nsf
4) Ninke Westra2116 (23 Sep 2014)
You do know there is a scheduled agent in domlog.nsf which will delete old log entries?
Deleting old entries using the compact -A can be a bit problematic with the server logging to the database.
5) Mike Woolsey4870 (24 Jan 2015)
Yes, Im aware there is an agent. 1 server with this problem, the agent never manages to open a view befire it exceeds the time limit.

Do you guys get, Im not sure ya do, I cant even OPEN the domlog.nsf because each DAY it posts at a rate where the views cant even finish refresh?
6) Mike Woolsey4870 (24 Jan 2015)
As for the "log to file" option, let me know when I have access to this file without access to the OS. But I wont wait holding my breath.


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