One-click way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite 
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: Chiang Kai Er175 14 May 2010
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When you receive a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite (as a participant), there are many occasions when you would like to have more people in your team attend the meeting with you.  This is a suggested Lotus Notes enhancement that would benefit many Notes users.

What would implementing this idea accomplish?

There is currently no easy way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite that is not initiated by you.  You can do one of the following, but they all have downsides:

* Email the meeting organizer.  The meeting organizer would need to see your email, and manually copy and paste your suggested participants into the meeting invite, and then click on send.

* Forward the meeting invite to the additional participants you would like to invite.  The meeting invite is simply forwarded as text and cannot be "accepted" by the recipients.  The recipients would need to create their own Calendar entries.  The meeting organizer is also not informed of these additional participants.  Should the meeting organizer make modifications to the meeting invite, these additional participants would not be informed.

* Delegate the meeting invite to someone else.  This does not take care of the case when you would like to attend the meeting as well. If this idea is implemented, it would make it possible for any meeting participant to invite additional people to the meeting in a very simple way.  The additional participants would receive meeting invites, and the meeting organizer would be notified of the additional participants.


How would it work? How might it be implemented?

In the Lotus Notes Calendar entry, have an additional button for "Suggest More Invitees".  When the button is clicked, the user would be asked to add more invitees to the "to" and "cc" lists, in a similar way that a meeting organizer would go through.  When completed, the following would happen:

1. Meeting invite would be sent to the additional participants.

2. A "meeting update notice" would be sent to the meeting organizer, and that allows him to update his own invitee "to" and "cc" lists. Some meeting organizers may want to restrict the audience of their meeting, and would thus want to disable this "Suggest More Invitees" feature.  As such, we can add a "Prevent suggestion of more invitees" delivery option.


Why should IBM invest in implementing this idea?

This is a very useful Lotus Notes Calendering feature that most IBMers would find useful.  Customers of Lotus Notes would likely find it useful too as long as there is a need to organize big meetings for which the meeting organizer may not have a complete list of meeting participants.  For every meeting invite that needs to be forwarded to additional participants, this feature can save several person-hours, depending on the number of people involved.  It would also make Lotus Notes much more usable and live up to its name of a "collaboration platform".

Internally within IBM, this idea is also posted on ThinkPlace as idea 123680.

1) Larry Helwig4415 (14 May 2010)
If the initiator has a check box (unchecked by default) to "Allow invitees to add participants" it could be beneficial.
Otherwise not, since many meetings are focused and have limited capacities.
2) Chiang Kai Er175 (14 May 2010)
Yes, that is correct. I've suggested using a similar option: "Prevent suggestion of more invitees". Larry's suggested phrase sounds better.
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (20 May 2010)
This has been discussed on many occasions, even in IdeaJam. Over the years, I've commened several times as well. My perspective remains resolute.

It's a best practice to have the person running the meeting determine who gets to invite whom to the meeting. There are several business dynamics at play in meetings, and having the incorrect resource mix can alter the outcome or impede progress on needed meeting items. No invitee should be able to usurp the meeting authority of the chair. That would be bad business.

If you want to have additional people invited to the meeting, send the names to the respective chair and ask permission.
4) Chiang Kai Er175 (20 May 2010)
I think it really depends on the nature of the meeting. I agree that some meetings require the chairman to have absolute control, and that's when he would set "Allow invitees to add participants" to "No".

The vast majority of meetings that I attend is not of that nature, and that's why I suggested the default for "Allow invitees to add participants" to "Yes". Of course, we should also allow the user to set his own default.
5) Leo Gonzalez10 (07 Jun 2013)
We have a need for this. Has anyone come up with a solution to this?
6) Gavin Bollard1648 (30 Sep 2013)
In Outlook, people can FORWARD a meeting to someone else and it become an acceptable meeting. It's very hard to convince my people that this is a bad thing and they only hear "Notes can't do it".

It we want to remain competitive and relevant then this is the sort of compromise we need to consider. If outlook can do it, so should we.
7) Nishan Weerasooriya13 (22 Jul 2014)
As a user of Lotus notes for over 12 years, this is a badly needed feature in Notes Meetings. The invitees should have at least the option to suggest new participant to the chairperson.

Ideally the chairperson should have a option to enable the invitees to add participant s to a meeting. If disabled, the invitee should be able to suggest new invitees to the chairperson where he gets a alert. Then the chairperson will have the option to add or reject the suggestion.


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