Develop Workflow to work in an XPage environment 

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: Lotus Workflow
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: Jerry Shelley350 20 Oct 2009
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I suggest the next release of Workflow should have a Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) library to complement the existing Client Side JS (CSJS) and LotusScript libraries, allowing Workflow to be brought up-to-date and used in the latest and greatest version of Notes/Domino.

1) Dirk Stelloh2732 (21 Oct 2009)
This is a good one - for sure. But I think, a "real" Java-API is the road to go for. The existing JavaScript-API does not provide the whole functionality of the LotusScript-API. And a real Java-API will provide us the ability to implement LWF-Controls (for Todos or Decisions f.e.).
2) Serdar Basegmez902 (21 Oct 2009)
It is more important that IBM should announce the future projections about Lotus Workflow. Since it seems like an obselete product, many customers do not want to buy this powerful product.

XPages would recover large portion of problems in Lotus Workflow. Then I will start a LWF fan club :)
3) Dirk Stelloh2732 (21 Oct 2009)
@2: "future projections"? Best place would be LS2010! I still dare to dream ;o)
4) Taxiarhis Georgiou20 (28 Dec 2010)
I think that the road is something between SSJS and existing API.
Our team here, using a short kind of reverse engineering, managed to create Xpage custom controls that simulate (or reproduce if you like) the same functionality with the existing commercial IBM's product.
As a matter of fact, finally, we are using the already known API.
That means that, anyone who already got the Domino Workflow product, can simply drug and drop those custom controls in an Xpage and take advandance of the workflow capabilities that this product provide.
An Xpage can be part of a work flow process and a work flow participant can act by using a web browser or his mobile, and generally all the good staff that Xpage technology provides.

5) Qian Liang30 (17 Feb 2012)
There is a XPages workflow project here:
{ Link }


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