Staging concept makes our design flexible ....[ when you use staging variable as a number ] 
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: devi das331 24 Nov 2007
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1)   forward direction staging should be represented with possitive number
2 )  reverse direction staging should be represented with corresponding negetive number
this makes manipulating staging simpler  in complex workflow ,  in parellel and
in serail flow related application design is a design related have staging concept in flow
very small example of staging concept  :
                             Positive direction :        Stage = 0    ,  1 , 2 ,3,4...................
                            Negetive direction :        Stage = -1 , -2 ,-3 ........  
 here we have bi - drectional moving fecility per the the modification request ....suppose client requested us to change the stage....we simply midify staging  variables based upon the  present stage value

1) Andrew Pollack2817 (24 Nov 2007)
What in the name of the FSM are you talking about?
2) Axel Janssen6869 (24 Nov 2007)
Not sure if I understand you properly.
Why identify state in workflow with number, anyway. I am all for using text as it tells more about the intention of the status.
3) devi das331 (25 Nov 2007)
Hi Axel Janssen ,

yes ......your correct . you understood properly .........

your text idea will work for small and simple work flows but i am taking about
complex and parallel flow concept...

regularly in staging concept i use number to represent .....
because ...... keeping text make confusion while modifying the stage of flow
number make simple in very

Devi das
4) Matt White13605 (25 Nov 2007)
Demoting as I don't understand what the idea is.
5) devi das331 (25 Nov 2007)
Hi Axel Janssen ,

status will enplane the status of the flow to display to user........
but stage will useful for manipulation and moving bi-directional way ...

for example [small flow ]:

1) user1 ...created one document -- > Stage = 0

2) forwarded to my manager .. -- > Stage = 1

3) if manager approved
--- > Stage = 2
else if manager rejects it becomes
--- > Stage = -1
[ because in stage 1 it has been rejected ]

here in in stage 2 ...manager[client] called developer telling like this
hi developer ....i have unexpectedly clicked approved button , please
make changes and bring back that document in to previous stage
here i see the stage value and i will come to know which stage document is....
and based on that i will decide to which stage i have to bring .....
here i write a agent to change the stage value from back - end ...

here if we think of very big complex and parallel flow ....text will confuse the developer is not best practice to use the text....exactly we should use number only ...if not ....maintenance of that application will become headache

thank you ....... please guide me more in this context ....

6) Thomas Bahn4937 (25 Nov 2007)
First, I strongly disagree that numbers are better then words. Like Axel (hi!) I use descriptive words for the state. Where exactly in serial or parallel workflows are numbers beneficial?

Second, how is your idea related to the Notes client? Or to the product IBM ships altogether? It's about custom application development?!
7) Hans-Peter Kuessner264 (27 Nov 2007)
I have currently fixed a very old workflow application which used numbers for the status and was not written by me. It is a very frustrating thing to figure out what the heck is going on, especially if the app has some bugs.
I can only recommend to use a proper workflow engine (which probably has nothing to do with the core Lotus Notes client), and base that on descriptive status values using alias values, so that you can later change the text displayed to the user without breaking the application. As you can change this text you also should make the status value itself as meaningful as possible.
8) Christopher Boote10606 (17 Aug 2009)
Demoting, as this is a code thing, not a Notes Core thing


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