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Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup 
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: Mark Demicoli11797 22 Nov 2012
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Redundant design elements often sit around for the life of an application since it's difficult to be certain that a design element is no longer used.
It would be extremely useful to have a  tool or special design view showing reference elements that are not referenced anywhere (eg subforms, script libraries, hidden (agent list) agents, style sheets etc.
Some believe that unused views cause performance degradation but actually by default, a view that has not been accessed in 45 days loses it's index and has no server impact.  Therefore this is about keeping things tidy.
Going a bit further, an opposite tool / view that shows referenced elements by hierarchy, a visual representation if you will, of part of an application's design structure.
This might be achieved with DXL but I'm not certain.

1) Starrow Pan4716 (05 Jan 2013)
How about referencing a view in a piece of code? How to check that?
2) Mark Demicoli11797 (07 Jan 2013)
The tool would have to parse Javascript, LotusScript and Java elements to identify view-referencing methods eg. LotusScript: NotesDatabase.getView ("[viewalias]").

Due to the fact that there may exist references to design elements from within external database designs (eg. Diretory design is inherently referenced externally by all sorts of designs), view and agent references would necessarily be marked as "Possibly Unreferenced" if no internal references are found;

Script libaries however can only be referenced wthin a single NSF design and therefore can be categorise as "Certainly Unreferenced" if no internal references are found.

Ultimately such a tool would be highly useful as an assistant, not deterministic...

I tried to apply this sort of thinking to find Lookup interdependencies in an entire domain. Please see OpenNTF project from (2006!) { Link }
3) Christopher Boote6132 (26 Mar 2013)
I'd just like to be able to compact a design template and have it purge all now-unused fields from the e.g. column list

You know how it is, you created name, name_1 and name_2, saved the form, renamed the fields to what you want, but these three fields still show up in the field list in a column formula

Yes, I know there are (fiddly) ways to remove them, but I'd like to see it done with a simple compact


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