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: Alex Forbes299 23 Oct 2008
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Currently, when editing a Comment, To Do or other entry in the Activities web interface, you can only see about 6 or 7 lines of text in the edit box. This makes it very hard to edit entries of non-trivial length. I would like to see an option to make this field expand to either the entire length of the content being edited or at minimum to increase the field size by a given number of lines.
Reason for request:
When recently documenting a changing process in an activities comment, I have found it very frutrating when editing it. Given at current the entry is less than 300 lines long, I found it surprising just how much time I had to spend scrolling around to change parts of the entry.

1) Alex Forbes299 (27 Oct 2008)
For those who use a browser which supports "User JavaScripts" (e.g. Opera or FireFox with the GreaseMonkey addon), the following totally untested and totally unsupported script has been working for me.

All the standard disclaimers apply: use the below script totally at your own risk. It comes with no warranties or official support.

That said, e-mail me with any questions or suggestions and you might get a reply :)


// ==UserScript==
// @name Lotus Connections Activities Rich-Text Editbox Resizer
// @namespace namespace/timestamp=2008-10-25-15-23-10/random32bit=8443379
// @description Quick and nasty script to automatically re-size Rich-Text Editbox's on a Lotus Connections Activity page. This script checks the loaded page every 2 seconds and applies changes as needed.
// @include { Link }
// @version 1.0
// @author Alex Forbes (
// ==/UserScript==

// NB: I've used RTEB as a backronym for "Rich Text Edit Box"

var CONST_checkAndResizeTimeOut = 2000; // Miliseconds between checks
var CONST_XPATHQuery = '//iframe[starts-with(@id,"dijit_Editor_")]';
var CONST_newHeight = "30em";


function lookForAndResizeRTBs()
var allRTEBs, aRTEB;
allRTEBs = document.evaluate(

for (var i = 0; i < allRTEBs.snapshotLength; i++) {
aRTEB = allRTEBs.snapshotItem(i); = CONST_newHeight;

2) Alberto Valverde232 (10 May 2010)
Very good point. IMO there should be an Author / Editor mode with specific views and options for editing. This is for example something like notes email preview and opening a new window for long texts authoring.


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