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: Eric Larson2099 07 Nov 2007
: / Email
Ed Brill blogged about the newest version (SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0 , [part number] C1436EN) of the tool on 10/24/07. That entry generated a respectable number of comments. The people that know about it understand the power.
I propose enhancing Swiftfile:
  • Switch to tags as opposed to folders
  • Use an AJAX picker. (Even if we don't switch to tags, a "Web 2.0" rollover could allow navigating a folder heirarchy and support creating new folders.)
If support for additional languages and platforms prevents IBM from making this a core product feature, at least create a "tech preivew" or open source it and post it on the catalog.

1) Bill Malchisky12192 (21 Apr 2008)
Eric: I do agree that Swiftfile needs to be upgraded, as mentioned here { Link } , but disagree with the use of tags for determining where to put things. For large mail files, that will be counter productive IMHO, as end-users think in-terms of folders and that is where the messages go...many messages may have the same tag lists, particularly if it contains a long reply-thread, but would need to be in two different folders (e.g. Orders processing and <client_name>).

Regardless, you may want to correlate this idea as we both want a Swiftfile expanse.
2) Brent Quick64 (15 Dec 2008)
I would rather IBM make SwiftFile more robust then add more features. I have about 800 folders (as a consultant I have to maintain a lot of mail and keep it organized) and I am constantly having to rebuild the index, uninstall and reinstall, or just basically give up on it until I crawl back.

As to feature I would love a option to file a message and then go to that folder.
3) Bruce Lill10666 (18 Oct 2009)
The biggest obstacle for IBM is to make the swiftfile work for all supported client languages and supported OSs.

I wish it would let you add some rules and support multiple ID's (and mailfiles) on the same workstation. Supporting other clients would be great, I tend to forget about it since I don't use windows alot.


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