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: Henry Ferlauto3691 29 Jan 2008
: / Email
This is one of those nice little things in Outlook. 
The size column should automatically adjust its "unit of measure" depending on the size of the document.
3,400 bytes should become 3.4 KB
525,456 should become 525 KB
1,234,567 should become 1.2 MB
This will help save screen real estate by keeping the width of the size column to a minimum.

1) Grant Lindsay1038 (30 Jan 2008)
A good idea, but it would break the sorting (assuming this is implemented as a formula.)

Alternatively, it could be a column design property. Display as described above, but retain the "true" value for sorting, lookups, etc.
2) Kerr Rainey4990 (30 Jan 2008)
There is a new column formatting option in ND8 for numbers: Bytes.

From ND8 designer help:

Bytes (K/M/G) formatting displays values as kilobytes (1024 bytes), megabytes (1024 kilobytes), gigabytes (1024 megabytes), or terabytes (1024 gigabytes), with the letter K, M, G, or T following the number. Kilobytes are displayed as whole numbers, and megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes are displayed with one decimal place. Values are rounded up or down, but are never less than 1K.
Number Display
0.00 0K
1000.00 1K
1535.00 1K
1536.00 2K
2559.00 2K
2560.00 3K
1234567.00 1.2M
1555555.00 1.5M
122222222.00 116.6M
1555555555.00 1.4G
3666666666666.00 3.3T

is it not used in the ND8 mail template? Odd.
3) Scott Leis1410 (30 Jan 2008)
I just checked, and the "bytes" format is used for the Size column in the ND8 mail template.
It seems this idea needs no further promotion because it's already done (unless we want it added in a ND7 minor release).
4) Kerr Rainey4990 (08 Feb 2008)
Hi Henry,

Do you want to mark this as withdrawn since it's already in ND8?


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