I'd like contacts to be merged into the mail file 
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: Craig Wiseman24988 21 Nov 2007
: / Email
It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have contacts in a separate database that isn't replicated to the server automatically.  Sync'ing them just seems like a absolute kludge.
There are ways to address the security issues with allowing delegation of contacts. Given the vast creativity of the community and IBM, the security aspect of delegating them surely is overcomeable(?).

1) David Vasta2524 (21 Nov 2007)
I agree 100%. It's one of those little things we have lived with all these years that needs to be fixed.
2) Nicolas ADMENT374 (21 Nov 2007)
Local address book is a nightmare, do something please
3) Gavin Bollard1648 (21 Nov 2007)
While you're at it, I'd like people-entries copied from the master/server address books to be stubs, not whole records in the local address book. That way, if the master address book was updated, people wouldn't have to update their local ones too.

(did this need to be a new idea or could it be included?)
4) Peter Moline1474 (29 Nov 2007)
Absolutely agree. I made a similar post in the Notes 8 forum while it was still in beta, arguing that it would increase functionality for delegated users.
The local address book should be renamed to the local configuration database, and if you're going to do that, you could argue to get rid of it entirely, and keep the configuration info in something simpler like an XML file.

If I could vote twice, I would ;-)
5) Mark O'Hara848 (02 Feb 2008)
I totally agree. Some might say that the mailbox should contain only mail, but the user's contacts are already are stored in the mailfile (see $Contacts view) and sync with names.nsf via a couple of methods. I feel that we should do away with this schizophrenic behavior once and for all. All user data should be in one place. The local NAB should be relegated to becoming a local client configuration file. This will help with syncing with PDAs and BlackBerrys, etc. Getting it on the server will also lower the risk of data loss when the user's hard drive crashes. It will also help with those roaming users.
6) Devin Olson980 (05 Apr 2008)
I'm sorry Craig. I have a lot of respect for you, but this is an absolutely HORRIFIC idea.

Pushing more data and design elements into an already massively overloaded application is exactly the opposite of what should be done.

Multiple dedicated databases as part of an application suite (properly configured, of course) is the way to go here.

7) Craig Wiseman24988 (09 Apr 2008)
@6 - I appreciate the kind words!

Sounds like you should vote for my OTHER idea in this realm:
{ Link }
8) Gareth Howell545 (22 Apr 2008)
Surely, the need for this is removed if your users roam. Also, with DWA, contacts are synchronised with the mail file.
9) Craig Wiseman24988 (08 May 2008)
@8 - Your comment seems to indicate that you haven't actually USED roaming. There are many issues with roaming, including:
+ It's not supported in Notes 8.x, nor does the part that works in 8.x actually roam any of the eclipse/CA based stuff in 8.x OR RSS feeds OR Widgets....
+ It doesn't roam users' Notes.ini settings or many other client-side settings.
+ It roams bookmarks, names.nsf, and journal.nsf ONLY - no other local apps, no workspace (I mean the REAL Notes workspace).
+ etc.

On the whole, roaming is useful for blackberry support, and that's about it.
10) Michael Masterson47 (14 Apr 2009)
8.5 supports this out of the box - time to graduate this idea.
11) Craig Wiseman24988 (14 Apr 2009)
@10 - I don't think 8.5 supports having the contacts only in the mailfile, and not in the local names.nsf.


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