Remove IMAP Support From The Notes Client 
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: Gregory Engels1706 18 Feb 2009
: / Email

Unless it is being significantly improved, please disable IMAP on the client.
(make an Debug_enable_imap_client notes.ini setting for those who care)
Explanation: some People go and download the Notes Client trial code, and in the setup dialog there are being asked about IMAP server. Since 99,9 % of Notes is being used against a Domino Server, they get a wrong idea about
the messaging capabilities of Notes.
If the IMAP support for the Notes Client is needed, it should be included as an eclipse plugin, but why bother to have the old R5 originated IMAP proxy template?

1) Phil Salm393 (18 Feb 2009)
Fix it, don't take it out.
2) Matt White13605 (18 Feb 2009)
Agreed with Phil, I really, really want a good IMAP experience in Notes. It's a pain having to run another mail client for IMAP mail on top of Notes.
3) Gregory Engels1706 (18 Feb 2009)
...But you are running a separate mail client for IMAP today, what is bad about it?
4) Matt White13605 (18 Feb 2009)
It's the fact that I have to run two mail clients, when Notes could implement a decent IMAP interface and let me run just one, and then also give me the benefits of offline replication etc etc.

I suspect I'm not a normal case in that my work machine is also my home machine, but can't hurt to ask can it. :-)
5) John Head1126 (18 Feb 2009)
Matt - here is the problem. They are never going to take the time to make this work the way you want: multiple accounts, one mailbox, without changing locations. too many corp customers would just turn this off via policy and it is not worth the dev and testing for the return. So until that changes and they make it work properly, it is better to turn it off so the experience a user sees today is not like this.
6) Colin Williams605 (18 Feb 2009)
IBM won't fix it...hide it/get rid of it and please do it for the 8.5.1 release.
7) Phil Salm393 (18 Feb 2009)
Removing IMAP support can impact more than personal email accounts. It can also impact integration with things like voicemail.
8) Felix Binsack322 (18 Feb 2009)
If there are no plans to fix, have guts to remove it. Do not pretend there is a feature and then disappoint users. Does more harm than good.

Of course, I would welcome if it would be fixed. But I do not know if there really is a business case for IMAP support in the client.

However, I am convinced, that there is, especially with Lotus Foundations, a business case for excellent IMAP support on the server.
9) Colin Williams605 (18 Feb 2009)
@8 Absolutely! Why not HIDE IMAP support in the client by default (but allow it to be enabled via an .ini file setting or something for those hell bent on using it). Domino should of course have excellent IMAP support.
10) Richard Schwartz4594 (18 Feb 2009)
The choice is simple: either fix it and make it look and work like regular Notes mail; or just replace the Notes-based implementation with a basic Java IMAP mail client integrated into the Notes eclipse framework. And my assumption is that the latter will be easier for IBM to implement and support.
11) Gregg Eldred8655 (18 Feb 2009)
My first inclination was to demote this. However, @8, @9, and @10 have swayed me to promote the idea, even though I don't like the title "Remove IMAP Support ..." It is, in my mind, "fix it or remove it."
12) Henning Heinz260 (19 Feb 2009)
If it is really easier to develop an Eclipse IMAP client from the ground up then that says a lot about the Notes architecture in its current state. I hope you are wrong.
And for Johns comment about policies. I think there is a huge difference between Notes can't do this and our current set-up does not allow it. Come on, if Thunderbird can do it it Notes should be able to do that too. I am not for removing IMAP from the client and be it only from protecting myself from what the competition will make out of this message.
13) Eric Wilson1688 (19 Feb 2009)
PLEASE just FIX IMAP in the Notes client already!
14) Gregory Engels1706 (19 Feb 2009)
@12: agreed. More often than "Thunderbird can do it" i hear "Outlook can do it".
15) Theo Heselmans9557 (20 Feb 2009)
As long as you leave the IMAP server intact I agree.
16) Tony Frazier117 (21 Feb 2009)
Should be fixed, not removed.
17) Stephen Bailey1802 (24 Feb 2009)
Agree with @16.
18) Alan Dalziel1450 (25 Feb 2009)
Fix, not nix!
19) Gregory Engels1706 (26 Feb 2009)
@18 - what do you mean by "not nix!" ?
20) Craig Wiseman24988 (26 Feb 2009)
Agree with @17
21) Alan Dalziel1450 (26 Feb 2009)
@19 - { Link }

verb (used with object)
4. to veto; refuse to agree to; prohibit: to nix the project.
22) Eric Wilson1688 (18 May 2009)
IMAP in the Notes Client should be fixed, not removed.

It's OK with me to convert it to an eclipse plugin provided it fully supports IMAP properly, which it does not do today.
23) Gernot Leithner292 (12 Oct 2009)
How about switching a new customer form IMAP mail accounts towards Notes? I am about to do so. IMAP support on the Notes client is a way to do this seemlessly.


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