Let users copy text from views to the clipboard 
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: Richard Schwartz4594 19 Dec 2007
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I want to be able to select some or all of the text in a view row and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it somewhere as text.
Right now, click-and-drag grabs the entire view entry for dragging to a folder.  Obviously, I don't want to lose that feature.  But both left-click-and-drag and right-click-and-drag do the same thing!  One of them could be lost to give us the ability to select text.  Honestly, I don't care which one.  Maybe it should be a user preference.
Consider the address book views.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to select a phone number and paste it into skype's dialer?  I could come up with lots of other examples.
BTW: I don't have an ND8 client handy to test whether this is already there.  I don't recall ever seeing it demoed or otherwise noticing it.  But if it is there, then that's great -- and never mind ;-)

1) Gavin Bollard1648 (20 Dec 2007)
I guess this is different from Copy as Table ... It's copying individual fields right?
2) Bruce Elgort12540 (20 Dec 2007)
What I think Richard is suggesting that you just click and select text right in a view much the way you would do it on this web page. Richard am I correct?
3) Richard Schwartz4594 (20 Dec 2007)
Yes, Gavin, it is different from copy as table. Fields or columns would be ok, but ideally spanning several columns would be better. The clipboard supports multiple data representations. I think what I'd want is that if you select text that spans two columns and paste in a spreadsheet, it pastes it as columnar data in the sheet; if you paste it in a word processor (or a Notes RTF) it pastes as columns in a table, but if you it in Notepad (or a Notes text field) it pastes as a stream of text with just spaces where the column separators would be.

Yes, Bruce. In much the way you could do it over in the What's Hot list on this very page. In much the same way you could do it just about anywhere.

BTW: You can do it now on a column basis in views that are set up for in-view edit. I'd prefer that it not be on a column or field basis. I'd like to be able to be able to cut text that spans columns. But I'd settle for being able to do it on a column basis. And I definitely don't want it dependent on the view supporting in-view editing, as that feature (useful though it is in some cases) dramatically increases the probability of users mistakenly altering or deleting data.


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