An IBM provided NSD crash file analyzer 
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: Domino Server / Admin Tools
: nsd, crash, analysis
: Hans Christian Koch1362 12 Mar 2008
: / Email
IBM should/could provide an application (possible even embedded in the Admin client) that could take an NSD crashfile and parse it; Remove all the irellevant information, find the virtual/physical threads that had crashed, maybe even the NoteID of the document/designelement that caused the crash.
Wouldn't that be awsome. Seconds after a client/server crash the application could tell you what document corruption caused the crash or what designelement that made the server go bye-bye or even what the HTTP tread did to take the server down to it's knees.

1) Chris Whisonant2475 (12 Mar 2008)
Hans, there is a utility available for this now. It won't exactly point out the huge smoking gun, but it's a great utility to start with!

{ Link }
2) Bruce Elgort12540 (12 Mar 2008)
Hans is the tool Chris mentions the type of tool you are looking for?
3) Craig Wiseman24988 (13 Mar 2008)
Any NSD analyzer (including the one from the sandbox) is only useful if the 'Notes' part of Notes 8 Standard crashes.

As noted in this idea { Link } at this point if the expeditor part crashes, you're SOL in terms of any kind of easy/useful way to debug.
4) Craig Wiseman24988 (13 Mar 2008)
Hmmm, maybe this { Link }
will work...
5) David Killingsworth4000 (26 Mar 2008)
The tool in the Sandbox is pretty good for determining patterns and getting a rough idea of what is wrong.

I suspect that IBM has something much better though, because when I send them the same NSD, the people on the phone have a much more precise idea of the exact thread that caused the problem.

No offense to those that answer the phone at Lotus Passport support, but I'm in HK and the Passport support is supported out of IBM China. Often times, through the language difference issues, I can tell that I "might" have more Domino/Notes experience than the person on the other end of the phone. So I'm guessing that they are not "that" well versed on domino stack threads.

Maybe I'm wrong though.
6) Dana Beatty10 (27 Feb 2011)
IBM does provide this - it's called the IBM Support Assistant ( { Link } ). You can download it here: { Link }
Once you've downloaded and installed that you can obtain an unsupported add-in here:
{ Link }
The add-in might even run by itself but the value of using it with ISA is that it will zip up the diagnostic files that IBM support will need to troubleshoot things further.


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