Add "Resend Meeting Notice" to meeting chair actions 
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: Peter Presnell28487 11 Dec 2007
: / Email
After I send out a meeting notice I sometimes find people claim to have not received, deleted by accident, or declined in error.  I have not yet found a simple way in which I can send out the meeting notice to people already on the meeting list.  It would be a very useful thing to be able to resend the invite to selected invitees and/or to those people who have not yet responded to the original meeting, especially when it is a repating meeting.

1) Applicatie Ontwikkeling1329 (11 Dec 2007)
What about having this as an option like the alarm option we have on reminers and such? How about being able to set it to resend "meeting reminders" to all invitees?
Say you've scheduled monthly meetings but want to remind people one or two days before the next one. Would be very nice.
2) Alan Lepofsky8175 (11 Dec 2007)
Isn't that exactly what Owner Actions - Confirm does?
3) Bruce Elgort12540 (03 Jan 2008)
Peter - the dozen or so "Test" comments posted by you have been removed by the Idea Jam mice.
4) Frank Carlson16 (10 Dec 2010)
This is a very important feature and would be distinct from the "Confirm" functionality.

For example, I have been setting up meetings with Regional VP's around our company. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to schedule these types of meetings. On two occasions, I needed to "Resend" the VP's a meeting invite. One time, the VP declined the meeting, and after I talked to him about it, he said..."I don't have that on my calendar", could you resend the invite?" I would have never told him that it wasn't on his calendar because he declined it. The other time, the regional VP had not responded to the meeting, and when I called him to follow up, he asked me to resend the invite.

We need this simple "Resend" invite functionality as requested. In either of these scenarios, it would have been inappropriate to send a "Confirm" meeting when they didn't even have it on their calendar.



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