Export to PDF from Notes (and not just from Symphony) 
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: Knud H°jslet3274 21 Nov 2007
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Quite a disappointment to see, that the new feature "Export to PDF" is only available from the productivity editors and not from notes-core (document and viewlevel).

1) Denise Wilson1596 (05 Dec 2007)
Just trying to understand. Does the Export to PDF feature do anything more than just printing to PDF say with the freeware "CutePDF Writer"?
2) Knud H°jslet3274 (05 Dec 2007)
No difference, except that having it as a part of core-Notes is much easier. No install or upgrade on each machine.
3) Odd ├…ge Skogheim822 (07 Dec 2007)
I would also like to see the option of getting 1 pdf document for each notes document. Not just all in 1 file, as is what happens if I try to print to pdf using adobe acrobat or other pdf printing software
4) Johannes Madsen517 (10 Dec 2007)
It should be possible to execute "Export to PDF" from Lotus Script and (optionally) specify the file path for the resulting PDF-file in Lotus Script avoiding the user to be prompted.
5) Tripp Black871 (26 Jan 2008)
#3 and #4 have the right idea, it should embedded as code calls for both LS and formula w/o having to use CutePDF, or as we do with the full version of Acrobat.
6) Kwanbis Johanson65 (25 Sep 2008)
No sense. Just use a virtual PDF print driver, like PDFcreator (open source). No need for each application to implement its own "export to pdf".
7) David Jakelic29 (09 Jun 2009)
@6: It makes sense, IMHO: background agents, archiving views / document collections, creating PDF from Domino web applications, no separate installation, LotusScript API...

Check out this PDF Converter for Notes:
{ Link }
8) Pavel S679 (21 Jan 2010)
@6 agree
PDFCreator wikipedia { Link }
9) Johannes Madsen517 (24 Jan 2010)
Has someone ever asked you to mail them a Notes document? What did you do?
It is not possible because Notes documents are not documents in the same sense as e.g. Word or Excel documents and it may be one of the situations where you regret that you didn't develop your application using another tool.

Knud's suggestion is a possible solution to this problem. In most cases the reciever only wants to see how the document looks, and it's true that this can be accomplished by using a PDF-printer, but its way to complicated for the common user and it's not possible to develop an action button which mails a Notes document when you press it.
10) David Jakelic29 (24 Jan 2010)
@Johannes: Take a look at these screencasts:
{ Link }

It doesn't require a printer driver installation. You can trigger the PDF conversion (+ email the resulting PDF) from an action button.
11) Carl Rizzo1674 (26 Jan 2010)
Anything to help users make a Notes Document and even an entire Notes Db more portable to someone without Notes or outside of there Notes domain is critical. Even if it is not PDF. Even if a user had to do a one time free viewer download it would be a major improvement. Great conversation.
12) Klavs Olesen85 (10 May 2010)
It should be made easy for Notes users to convert one or more Notes document - including possible attachments - into a PDF document. Particularly important for emails.
The attachment handling is very important; The optimal solution is a PDF where the attachment appears visually just as it does in the original Notes document, with the right icon and on the right location in the text. And as a hotspot that can be clicked.
13) Travis Hiscock270 (23 Nov 2010)
@6 @12

To get correct on screen rendering, you are always going to have to 'print' to pdf. Ever tried using iText to generate a PDF? A nightmare, and never the same as an on screen rendering of a document.

As stated, easily done with the open source PDFCreator installed. Only a few lines of LotusScript to put the PDF into an email automatically too. We have completely automated this in all our applications with a 'Send as PDF' Action Bar Button. A doddle.

However, as it's so easy to do, why not bundle something into the Notes client?


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