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: Handly Cameron331 18 Sep 2008
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Provide the ability to add a RSS/ATOM feed to Dogear.  New links in the feed would be added to Dogear, including propagation to the Home Page, Communities, Activities, watch lists, etc.
Why this would help:  Users of services such as Delicious or Mag.nolia would be able bring in their links from these external services and share them with their internal community.  Communities has a similar feature to add feeds, but it is hard for users to discover the links there.  Running these links through the normal Dogear feed, including showing up on the home page, adding to Communities, Activities, etc. would be very powerful.
Known issue: This would be very helpful for wiring link sites together, but could be dangerous if someone linked a news feed into Dogear as the flood of information would dilute the value of specific links choosen by users.  Proper controls and admin would be needed.

1) Matt Buchanan2137 (22 Sep 2008)
I think this is a really interesting idea, but I'm not sure if I like the idea of lots of arbitrary external bookmarks being created in Dogear. If the bookmarks are all created under the identity of the person who first bookmarked the feed, then it would put them far ahead of anyone else in terms of their contributions to that area - possibly diluting the value of searching for people by area of expertise via the Home Page. Plus, what happens if someone tries to bookmark a feed from the Dogear system itself? ;)

A more Communities-like implementation would probably work a bit better - so Dogear recognises that a feed is being bookmarked, and allows people to browse that feed directly from the Dogear interface. This would also mean that clickthroughs for the feed would be recorded for the feed as a whole, rather than for the individual items, which would help other people find it.

For the functionality you described, I'd be tempted to say that an internal, PlanetLotus style RSS aggregator offering might fit the bill much better - so, aggregate your external news feeds by topic, but make that clear division between the externally generated feeds and the internally generated one from Dogear.
2) Pim van Wetten143 (09 Feb 2009)
Why not include a webbased RSS reader in Connections. Knowing what feeds someone reeds is as, or even more valuable than their Dogears. And the icing on the cake would be to track which posts people are reading to get an overview of the hottest topics.


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