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: Dominykas Punis114 21 Mar 2013
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I have an idea how to improve business efficiency and responsiveness time by adding a small update to Sametime Instant Messaging service. It would function as an offline status. How can ST offline status improve business efficiency? My personal experience in Sales Operations Support role has proven that responsiveness is one of the most important ingredients for business efficiency. That is the reason why ST is such an important part of communication within business, and in most cases superior to emailing, when the quick action is needed. In order to improve ST, I thought of an offline status message. One of the reasons that made me look for a solution is that I have been finding myself in a situation when I need to go offline for a short period of time (half day giveback, presentation or a meeting) and need to let my team and people that I support know, when will I be back online. Another reason is that when I am trying to contact a person and he or she is offline, I either have to send an email message (which usually don’t get replied straight away) or pick it up the next day. So communication is lost as soon as you go offline, and the solution for that could be an offline status.

How would it work: ‘Offline status’ – an addition to ST based on existing collaboration between ST and Lotus Connections. I base my idea on the fact, that Lotus Connections already feeds IM status (even though it seems to be down at the moment) so it should be possible to turn it other way around. A user would be able to update their offline status on their connections profile page which then would be pulled through to ST and would appear in search results and contact lists of other employees (similarly to how ST pulls data from blue pages now).

When updating your ST offline status you should be able to choose when you want to enable/disable it e.g. if your ST Offline Status says: “I’m doing giveback at local school and should be back online at 3PM” you can choose to enable it at 11AM and disable it at 3:15PM. Please find attached pictures where I show how offline status could look visually.

1) Carl Tyler5343 (22 Mar 2013)
I think this wouldn't work in reality. It's hard enough getting users to set their status description when they're logged in.
2) Carl Tyler5343 (22 Mar 2013)
Also very similar to this idea already submitted:
{ Link }
3) Dominykas Punis114 (25 Mar 2013)
Thank you for your reply. Well, employees should really try to be more social and more collaborative, especially when we're pushing this as the strategic mission of the company itself. I believe that by adding this little function to connections it would also increase the usage of connections, what would really help to improve the quality of connections as well.


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