Allow copy and paste of HTML text into a text field 
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: copy, paste, usability
: Darren Duke3521 16 Oct 2009
: / Email
If I have HTML email and wish to copy some of the text into a another Notes document that contains a text field (not a RT field), then the text should copy over.
Instead, I get an error "Only text can be pasted into this type of field". I have to paste the clipboard into Notepad then into Notes.
I should not have to make the field rich text to get around this. Notepad works!
See the official IBM response here:

1) Larry Helwig4415 (16 Oct 2009)
Actually it does work when plan html is pasted into a text field.
What you can not paste is cells from Excel, doclinks and other rich text.
2) Darren Duke3521 (17 Oct 2009)
So let me get this right....

We can copy and paste from a HTML web page, but not from a HTML email in the client? On what planet is that "working"?

These are the types of client inconsistencies that drive users nuts. There should be no differences in behavior based on where the content originates. Again, check out Notepad.
3) Darren Duke3521 (17 Oct 2009)
A more fully illustrated example is on my blog, here:

{ Link }
4) Henning Heinz260 (17 Oct 2009)
Indeed when I get this messsage (which has been around for years) I always think IBM internally must be using something else.
Voted Yes. It is time for this to get fixed.
5) Erik Brooks915 (17 Oct 2009)
More specifically, if you've copied ONLY text -- with OR without RT attributes -- it will work.

But if there's ANYTHING else (picture, etc.) then NOTHING will go in. Notes should simply strip whatever it can't accept and pull in what it can.
6) Mark O'Hara848 (17 Oct 2009)
Here's a work-around Alan Lepofsky posted back in '07 that let's you use the key combination Ctrl+Alt+V to paste just the text from the clipboard. It works with 8.5.1.

{ Link }

I use this shortcut constantly. It's a real time-saver!

Thanks Alan!
7) Craig Wiseman24988 (22 Oct 2009)
For those IBMers reading it, note that this is a recurring issue for folks.

{ Link }


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