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: Al Perkins80 16 Apr 2008
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I want exactly what I can do in Google Maps for Notes, Symphony, Firefox, i.e., any application that has a moveable screen.  O.k.  what am I saying?  If you go to Google Maps, and search for a location, when that location becomes available the cursor becomes a hand.  That hand allows me to grab and pull the map to look at any portion of the map.  Can you imagine how freeing this is from having the use scrollbars in an application.  Not sure how one would trigger the change form a normal cursor to the hand...maybe a right click and a menu choice or a key combo or an icon.  I'm exahausted by scroll bars.  I just want to swap into a hand and be able to pull my document, up, down (left or right in spreadsheets) and zip all over!!  Oh yeah, and when you have the hand cursor, you scroll the mouse to zoom in or out (like Google)...I'm almost surprised users aren't clammouring for this.

1) Rob Goudvis8695 (16 Apr 2008)
Excellent idea. Since scrollbars are able to handle that scrolling, I cannot imagine that it would be very difficult to implement the scrolling with a handshaped cursor. Maybe zooming will be more difficult to implement.
2) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (16 Apr 2008)
I think that this is much less useful, when dealing with textual rather than graphical information. I must admit, that I use the hand cursor most of the time in Adobe reader, but that's mostly because scrolling is sooooo slow.
3) David Lundy1694 (16 Apr 2008)
I don't understand how useful this would be in a Notes environment? If the document is really long, you can use the scroll wheel that's standard on most mouses nowadays. If it's needing to scroll horizontally...that sounds like poor UI design in my book.

Just my $0.02.
4) Al Perkins80 (24 Apr 2008)
Well, my wish is coming true in Firefox, seems there is an extension out there called Grab and Drag. Now I simply hold down my left mouse buttom (customizeable) and drag the page; forget having to use the scroll bars! (or mouse wheel) . Grab and Drag also places a toggle on the browser header, so one can always disable it in a pinch. Sweet!


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