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: Peter Moline1474 29 Nov 2007
: / Email
I would like to be able to drag and drop documents from one Notes database into another, or from one tab to another.
Think for minute how useful this could be. You could embed a folder from one database into an outline in another database (eg. the mail template), and users would be able to drag and drop from one to the other, without thinking about it. Applications that spring to mind:
1. collecting spam into a central repository for analysis (no more forwarding, which loses the headers - users just drag and drop from their Inbox).
2. users who are working on a common project  can file their e-mail in a common store
3. drag a document from your inbox onto your calendar to create a calendar entry.

Sure, you can do this with Edit Copy - Edit Paste, or if you're in your mail file, the action button 'Copy Into New...', but they're not as intuitive.

1) Martin Vereecken1895 (29 Nov 2007)
Agree! I would like to add to that: drag-and-drop support in Lotus Notes seems so arbitrary. F.e. try the following:
- select some pictures in Explorer
- drag them to image resources
- an icon with a (+) sign appears, giving the impression the images will be added here
- let go the mousebutton
- watch in the library: nothing was added

2) Klavs Olesen85 (17 Sep 2009)
Oh yes, we could make our Notes apps SO much cooler if we only had a set of PostDragDrop and QueryDragDrop events that would work on ALL views and not only Calendar views !!!

It should be possible to drag a collection of documents from e.g. the Inbox to and database and have them auto-create as Responses to the document they were dragged to.

I can not understand why this was not implemented long ago.
3) Maurits Smit13 (01 Oct 2009)
Think bigger !!
Currently the domino platform does not provide a decent way to integrate with other applications using the Lotus Notes components (same look and feel). It would be great if we could extend the Notes outline component to connect to external apps.

1. Add dynamic outlines (folder structures) that can be created using external sources (e.g. filesystem or DMS)by a webservice or database.
2. Add grid component with the same look and feel as a Notes View that also extranal sources (database, webservice)
3. Add drag an drop capabilities to the dynamic outline entries.

Then we can export/archive an email to for example a doc man system and view the content of folder in a Doc Man system from within the Lotus Notes client.


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