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: Darren Duke3521 22 Dec 2008
: / Email
This had never occured to me until we converted a client from Exchange. Outlook has the attachments at the top of the email. A user does not have to scroll to find them, they are in easy reach after opening the email.
We need this in Notes too. A simple functionality issue that will make conversions so much simpler.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (22 Dec 2008)

I would like for the attachments to be at the top. This has also been discussed on IdeaJam before. Let me see if I can dig up the idea.
2) Chris Linfoot598 (22 Dec 2008)

Although Outlook it's not the displaying at the top which is so important. It is that all other MUAs including Outlook actually treat attachments as separate entities whereas Notes insists on treating them as part of a single MIME stream rendered in the same window as the email body.
3) Rara Tata560 (22 Dec 2008)
I've had the same situation : we are actually migrating Exchange users and it is a nice functionality.
4) Bruce Elgort12540 (22 Dec 2008)
Here is a link to the other idea floating around on IdeaJam: { Link }
5) Mathieu Pape8090 (22 Dec 2008)
Agree with this idea !
6) David Vasta2524 (22 Dec 2008)
I agree. I get this complaint a lot. It would also put all the attachments in one place vs. all over the email. PROMOTE!
7) Craig Wiseman24988 (22 Dec 2008)
I'm voting yes on this, but I'd actually prefer the option as outlined by the one Mr. Elgort linked to:

{ Link }

8) Luis Benitez898 (23 Dec 2008)
Isn't this available already ? In my Notes 8.5 build the attachments are always on the top of the email.
9) Ed Brill91 (23 Dec 2008)
Luis, it's a new feature in 8.5. So, I'll vote yes -- we've already done this :)
10) Bruce Elgort12540 (23 Dec 2008)
@Luis and @Ed,

When 8.5 ships I will mark this idea as "Completed".
11) Starrow Pan5103 (26 Dec 2008)
I think the current mode is also useful, it can help readers to know the context of the attachments. Think of a reply containing multiple attachments by different people in the reply history.
12) Darren Duke3521 (02 Jan 2009)
Whoo! I was running 8.5 for a while but never noticed it.

I guess I need to submit more ideas that are already fixed, addressed, etc ;)
13) Tripp Black871 (05 Jan 2009)
Like #11, we often use the context for attachments in-line when doing internal mail to say "this one below". In our design business, we have a lot of comparison type of evaluations between PDFs and graphic files.

However, the 8.5 behavior of leaving a tagged line and the attachment(s) at the top is also okay. We have been running a couple 8.5 Mac Betas (yes, in production) since a few weeks after the first one was made limited public. The adjustment was minimal and usability is still fine.

The reply w/history default (w/o attachments leaving a marker) is also quite handy. It allows you to have the context of the attachments w/o leaving the files in them. DAOS should also help with this, too, assuming we decide to deploy it. (We love that each mail file is separate and that issues. We disliked shared mail for that reason and one of the many reasons why we strongly prefer Lotus Notes/Domino over Outlook/Exchange).
14) Bruce Elgort12540 (06 Jan 2009)
This is now in 8.5 which shipped today.
15) Bruce Elgort12540 (06 Jan 2009)
Status changed to Complete


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