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Moving from Plumber to Painter 
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: LS09 Best Practices Sessions
: lotusphere2009, ui
: Thomas Duff852 06 Sep 2008
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As a developer, are you quite proud of your kewl coding skills (plumbing), while your users are more impressed with the visual appeal of the application (painting)? Many developers haven't made a good transition from plumber to painter. Travel with Tom as he shows how he's working through that transition himself, learning about such things as font selection, color selection, user interface design, and all those other things you'd really like to ignore (but the users keep demanding). The need and ability to create visually appealing applications is something that has long been lacking in the Notes community. We’ve all seen ugly Notes applications that look like they were developed back in the R3 days. This session will force a change in the mindset of developers, and lay the groundwork for changing the way they view their application development skills. This session was first given at ILUG 2008 and met with very high reviews.

1) Bruce Elgort8290 (06 Sep 2008)

I saw you give this presentation at ILUG 2008 and I must say you did a smashing job. What was also cool was the pace you gave it at, your candor and your ability to make this topic interesting and insightful. Top notch session. Promoted.
2) Vitor Pereira1697 (06 Sep 2008)
I attended your presentation at ILUG too and I would again at Lotusphere. The topic is very good and your new presentation style is top notch.
I really want to see how far have you've gone on this 'journey'.
Just don't have Gayle drawing the books again, bad luck I tell you.
3) Chris Blatnick689 (06 Sep 2008)
Go Tom! Obviously, this is a topic near and dear to my heart, so of course I'd love to see it and I believe all Notes developers do too. Cheers!
4) Ben Poole1705 (08 Sep 2008)
Twas a real highlight of ILUG and has to be a shoe-in for LS09!
5) Thomas Duff852 (09 Sep 2008)
@All... thanks for the kind words! I'm hopeful that it will be selected, that I can tweak a few of the areas that I didn't think were as good as I wanted them to be, and of course... hit up OReilly for more free books. :)
6) Joe Litton91 (22 Sep 2008)
Much as I dislike short people, and the follicly-challenged, I am big enough to move past that :)

I wasn't at ILUG, but I did see an early version of the presentation and would very much like to see the updated full presentation. This is one that I'd also like to share with several colleagues. We often tend to get lost in the cool code, sometimes at the expense of the UI ...and I do believe that the ui is at LEAST as important as the background code.
7) Andrew Pollack2909 (25 Sep 2008)

This gets my promote based on the "I'd hit that" criteria. I would attend this session if it were available at a time I could make.


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