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: Thomas Leriche1803 07 Apr 2009
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I'm really tired of the 1980's design of the workspace.  It has served Notes users well for over 20 years, but the time has come for a major and I mean MAJOR overhaul.  I look at the slick interfaces for iPhones, Blackberry, even Windows and wonder why my Notes workspace hasn't evolved with the times.  I mean the workspace background can't be changed, the database icons are still 32 pixels with 16 colors, there are no themes or skins to choose from, etc...etc...
IBM has been trying to forget about the workspace for many years now.  Instead they should embrace the concept and revolutionize the Notes workspace.  Make it a key selling feature of the client, instead of the ugly step-child.  Come on IBM it's almost 2010 !!
That's my wish for Notes 9.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (08 Apr 2009)
I remember seeing Mary Beth Raven demo the new Workspace at ILUG 2008. Don't know if we will ever see it. Mary Beth?
2) Rob Goudvis8695 (08 Apr 2009)
I agree; it can't be that difficult or timeconsuming to do some work in this area!
3) Sander Zwart50 (08 Apr 2009)
I Agree,

Stil get a lot of complaints about the desktop. Especially when companies use more than only e-mail.
4) Peter Neidhart1567 (09 Apr 2009)
If we ever will get an overhauled workspace, please provide an official API to manipulate it.
5) Ninke Westra2116 (09 Apr 2009)
Yes please.
6) Mary Beth Raven30 (10 Apr 2009)
Yes, I did demo a very early Eclipse-based prototype of a new Workspace at ILUG 2008. However, we had too much dev and QE work to do to finish it for the 8.5 release. As of today-- April 9. 09, it is still being considered for the next release, although its priority is not high enough for me to have much conidence that it will get in (whichmeans I hae learned my lesson and ven when a feature is in a build it might get torn out and still not shipped if notfinished/tested!)
7) Kevin Pettitt1036 (10 Apr 2009)
Seems with the iPhone repopularizing the "workspace" metaphor now would be an excellent time to reinvest in updating it in Notes.

In the meantime, I thought I'd add some links to several past conversations on this topic, where *lots* of good ideas and suggestions have already been brought up:

From Mary Beth's old blog:

{ Link } June 14, 2006: Lots of discussion on a workspace prototype, with screenshots
{ Link } January 3, 2007: Update on the fact that the workspace redesign wouldn't be in 8.0
{ Link } February 13, 2008: Questions about the Gridded Bookmarks (followup to previous link)

From the 8.5 Beta IdeaJam site (hint: go vote for these):

{ Link } Nathan T. Freeman on 31 May 2008: Change the way the Workspace works
{ Link } Nathan T. Freeman on 31 May 2008: Update the Workspace

Related IdeaJam ideas (some titles paraphrased):

{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 25 Jan 2008: Idea to be able to save different workspace sets
{ Link } Jim Roysdon on 03 Apr 2008: Zoomable Workspace
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 07 Jan 2009: Extend Undo function to (deleting) DB icons from the Workspace
{ Link } Tomas Ekström on 14 Feb 2008: Choose whether to stack Workspace icons at the application level
{ Link } Thomas Adrian on 11 Sep 2007: Doubleclick on workspace = File - Application - Open
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 03 Jan 2008: Workspace update (some great thoughts on updated functionality and UI)
{ Link } Jan Flipsen on 29 Jan 2008: workspace management (more great suggestions)
{ Link } Patrick Kwinten on 19 Mar 2008: Option to set a default workspace page to open
{ Link } Karen Demerly on 01 Nov 2007: Right-click, Arrange by..., in workspace pages
{ Link } Keith Brooks on 08 Nov 2007 and { Link } Keith Brooks on 08 Apr 2008: Keith *really* doesn't like being stuck with a gray workspace
{ Link } David Camara on 08 Nov 2007: Ability to [programmatically] manipulate Workspace (i.e. to find/remove dead icons)

Other Links:

{ Link } Panagenda's cool Workspace skin tool

Am I missing anything? If you recall any other places where we've had these discussions in the past about workspace redesign please post links here. I'm almost certain I personally have put a lot of thought into this somewhere in the Blogosphere, but I'll be danged if I can remember where. I'd really like to pull those thoughts into this idea here.

Oh, and please don't post any new ideas about the Workspace without searching IdeaJam first ;-).
8) Lars Valbak13 (29 Apr 2009)
Yes, definately a Yes...

The power of the platform, really deserves a modernized workspace UI (one thing less, that LN haters can point fingers at ;-p

9) Ruaridh McDonald884 (08 Jul 2009)
I absolutely NEVER use the workspace preferring instead to use Bookmark Bar/Open menu. So much neater and up-to-date. I do agree though that the workspace is in dire need of a make-over.
10) David Hablewitz15116 (13 Oct 2009)
Long Live the Workspace!!!
As an administrator, I live in the workspace. The bookmarks just aren't practical for handling so many databases daily. There are actions you can't do from the bookmarks without actually opening the database first. But many bugs have developed in the workspace with each new version. One example is when you add icons, they get added progressively down the page instead of reusing the empty spots as it once did. Also, when you drag an icon to a different tab, you cannot control where to drop it on that tab. You just have to go hunt for it on the page. (that usually DOES put it in the next available space.)

At every company I have worked, we have always returned to using the workspace as the homepage because it is the one point of reference our helpdesk can confidently start from when supporting a user over the phone. It is also one of the few options for the welcome page that doesn't open a database when Notes is started. This only becomes a problem when the welcome page tries to open a database that is corrupt or unreachable, but when it happens, the client can be unusable.

Fix it, update it, and make it right.
Regarding the iPhone reference, I think the old school workspace is surprisingly similar.
11) Tony Austin683 (18 Oct 2009)
Yeah, I agree, any serious developer or administrator still finds the workspace the most efficient place to work.

And while you're implementing the spiffy new workspace, there's a related efficiency consideration: in contrast to ordinary users "power users" (such as the aforementioned developers/administrators) should be able to select MULTIPLE databases from the "Open Application..." dialog at the one time, just like you can do today when adding bookmarks (but bypassing the creation of any bookmarks).

Also, it's quite frustrating that if you go via the "Browse..." button and open a list of (say) NTF templates, you can only open one of them at a time -- pressing the Ctrl key doesn't allow multiple files to be selected -- so you have to keep going back through the whole slow process to open multiple NTFs. Furthermore, every time you use the "Browse..." button you have to find your way again to the folder last used (it should be remembered). I've probably wasted days if not weeks on this awkward procedure since 1993!
12) Thomas Leriche1803 (09 Mar 2011)
Nearly 2 years since I made this post and still no real change to the Notes workspace. The "facebooking" of Notes 9 looks promising, but still not what people really what to see for a redesigned workspace. Notes has been given the legacy tag in corporations with increased frequency lately and my personal opinion is that the client workspace is greatly to blame for this. I love using my iPad interface and really wish something like this could be done for Lotus Notes. Oh well... this request seems to be going on deaf ears.
13) Ivan Petruv13 (25 Jun 2011)
Look what iPhone did with their workspace... did you hear iPhone users say... I hate iPhone because the icons? Never... People love it.

Why people hate Notes workspace? Simply it is ENORMOUSLY UGHLY and GEEKY GREY. Notes workspace doesnot need anything more, than a strong graphical facelift. Eyecandys pleeeease
14) Rudi Knegt124 (26 Nov 2011)
Every new OS has those icons as default workingarea, and notes has allways been too much ahead of it's time.

Please make the workspace into the default working area again, and let every thing else be seconds again.
15) Jim Roysdon1264 (19 Apr 2013)
What I find interesting is that you want to workspace to be more like the iPhone interface and it IS. IRIS/Lotus was ahead of its time with "Chicklets" (Icons) on the workspace that updated somewhat in real time.


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