Automatically guess the folder where to file an email 
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: Notes Client / Mail
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: Alex Kassabov1327 11 Feb 2008
: / Email
When I click on the 'Send and File..." button, it would be nice if the client was able to automatically guess the folder where I want to file this message and highlight it in the 'Folders' dialog box.  I have quite a large number of folders in my mail box, a bunch of nested folders and it's a pain to scroll through them sometimes.  I love the way BlackBerry guesses which folder I may want.  I think that BlackBerry guesses the folder based on the recipients of an email.  I think that would be acceptable in the client, too.

1) Bruce Elgort12540 (12 Feb 2008)
Isn't this what Swift File does? Jeff Eisen talked about this at the Meet the Developer session at Lotusphere. Maybe he can chime in here.
2) Peter Presnell28487 (12 Feb 2008)
Swiftfile already does this...
3) Sean Harris360 (12 Feb 2008)
Bruce, SwiftFile does this from the Inbox Folder only with e-mails you have received, but not newly composed e-mails you are sending and fileing. It would be a nice extensibility of the SwiftFile application, in addition to SwiftFile working from ANY folder NOT just the InBox.
4) Paul Davies13558 (12 Feb 2008)
my opinion on this is that Swiftfile (enhanced or otherwise) should be on by default
5) Jeff Eisen10 (12 Feb 2008)
I agree with all of these statements. My guess is that you're not going to see this kind of thing (improved SwiftFile like functionality, on by default or at least easily choosable preference, etc) in the upcoming Notes 8.5, but you will in Notes 9.

Just too much stuff to do and not enough runway for Notes 8.5.
6) David Hablewitz15116 (19 Feb 2008)
Let's start by getting Swiftfile incorporated into the Notes client and get it working more reliably. (It often breaks if you switch IDs) . It is impractical to make this a separate software deployment for my entire user community.
I made this request at Ask the Developers and it received overwhelming applause. Yes, it would be equally useful to provide the same logic when sending a message. But baby steps - Just get SwiftFile into the product! (please)
7) Scott Cochrane1847 (20 Jun 2008)
I came looking to make exactly this suggestion. Hadn't even heard of SwiftFile but this looks interesting. I'd noticed how good the Blackberry is at providing this sort of functionality - and its such a time saver.

So yes - get it built into the product.


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