Special settings for alarms when a meeting is out of my availability hours 
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: Notes Client / Calendar
: Alarms, meetings, availability, availabilty hours
: Jens Schwendemann887 13 Oct 2008
: / Email
Hi all,
ok I'll try to put this a simple as I can.
Let's say my availabilty hours in the preferences are set from Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm. Let's also say some people do not follow those availability hours and invite me to a meeting on say Thu 8:00 am. Let's further pretend those people are too important to decline the meeting and I have to get up half an hour earlier that specific day. Everything "fine" till now. I accepted the meeting and - you guessed it - on the day of the meeting am to late as I always come into office on Thursday 8:20 am. When I start my Notes it does alarm me, that I missed an appointment but that is too late anyway.
Here goes the idea:
I would like to have a option in the preferences that allows me to have special settings for calendar entries out of my availability hours. Best would be that I get informed by a popup the day before the meeting takes place. Even better would be, that this takes place, when I'm shutting down Notes. So in this example Notes would inform me on Wednesday evening 5:10 pm when I'm closing my notes and head of home. I then realize that I have to come earlier next morning to get in time for the meeting and set my alarm clock on my mobile that half an hour earlier. I would however like to get informed the standard-half-an-hour-before-the-meeting-starts way also as I may be in the office that thursday in time :-)
I know that this mainly makes sense for those of you that don't synch their mobile device whith your notes calendar, but hey I think there must be thousands of people whose company doesn't allow synch software to be installed on corporate PCs and who doesn't have that BlackBerry handy.
Cheers Jens Schwendemann

1) Vitor Pereira4271 (13 Oct 2008)
Why don't you just set a different alarm setting for those specific meetings?
2) Bruce Lill10666 (25 Oct 2009)
I would prefer to have multiple notifications that can be status based. If online then just the popup, if offline then sms or phone call. Each with their own time. So the popup is 15min and the sms is 40 min.


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