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: Kevin Mort217 16 Mar 2009
: / Email

Allow a user to publish a shared folder in their mail db and create a link to it which other users could add to their own mail db's left-hand navigator/outline in the mail db. Perhaps "Other Folders"

This is not entirely unlike the "other mail" or "show calendars" calendar federation options currently offered, where Notes essentially links to the calendar view of the other user.  This is most useful for mail-in databases where it would be useful for a team of people to see the contents of one particular folder from the mail-in db.

The link created should open within the context of the current user's mail view frame, perhaps with a special heading to indicate it is a shared folder from another db. It should NOT open into another tab. Users should also be able to easily drag/copy docs from the shared folder to their own mail folders.

A recent customer experience prompted this idea, as the broader idea of shared folders from another product was widely used in the organization.

1) Paul Davies13558 (17 Mar 2009)
linked idea: { Link }
2) Graham Richards2211 (17 Mar 2009)
How would you handle the security aspects of this idea ?

Document access is based on the Database's ACL, and I can't see that changing to allow document access based on if a document is in a view or not. Are you suggesting that views should have their own "mini-ACL" list ?
3) Kevin Mort217 (22 Mar 2009)

I think it would work similarly to delegation to calendar & mail, i.e. it would have to be granted by the owner or db manager. I suppose it's possible it would be like a mini-ACL

From there, the manager could send a "folder link" to the person who needs access and have it be added to the recipient's folder list under something like "other folders."

The goal is to create a bit more collaborative environment with shared folders in separate databases.
4) Graham Richards2211 (23 Mar 2009)
Hi Kevin - I get that, but granting access to your mail database lets the user see ALL documents you have there, not just the ones in the folder you want them to see.

To control access at the folder / view level would necessitate a significant redesign of the core Notes security code, and I don't think that's a viable option.

I'd like to propose an alternate solution that would give you the same end-user result, that could be built on the existing infrastructure.

"Allow the easy user creation of sub-databases that the owner an a database can move documents into. These sub-databases would have their own ACL lists, maintained by the owner. These sub-databases would have a single view, which could be added to the outlines of other databases (e.g. Mail databases) and so would seem to be just another folder to other users."

Notes would need to have the ability to drag documents between databases for this to work well, and I don't think we have that yet.


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