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: John Cawrey948 01 Jan 2008
: / Email
I want to be able to schedule a meeting lasting more than 24 hours, i.e. an over-nighter.
I dont want to have to make 2 separate entries, one from 13:30-midnight today, and then another 00:01 to 17:30 tomorrow.

1) Harkpabst Meliantrop3799 (02 Jan 2008)
While personally I never had a need for that feature, it is definitely requested pretty often by customers and I don't see any disadvantage, if it could be added.
2) Erik Borse282 (06 Feb 2008)
Isn't this already solved in N8?
3) Mark Haller1299 (23 Feb 2008)
@Erik - no it is not solved. Just tried here with 8.0.1 - Your start and end times result in a duration that is greater than 24 hours.

So Lotus tells me I'm physically not allowed to have a meeting greater than 24 hours? Is it something to do with EU legislation? hehe :-)

This must be fixed!! Makes no sense. You either have to have an All Day Event that has no start and end times, or numerous meeting entries right now.
4) Joerg Rafflenbeul1022 (01 Apr 2008)
In general I agree to the need to have a single document based meeting with different start and end times for a meeting that takes longer as a single day (24hours). But what happens if one of the participants couldn't attend for the first or last day (session). Maybe there is a smarter way than a more than 24 hours meeting (I also would assume to have some none busy time or a nap during the night).
Wouldn't it be possible to make a several day meeting with different time slots per day/session and the option for the attendees/invitees to accept,decline ... all days/session or single ones?
5) Karen Hooper4016 (03 Apr 2008)
Be aware that you can't have a duration of over 24hours with appointments either. This makes it difficult when your adding in flights times etc. Tyically I make appointments, meetings repeating and then adjust each entry for each day. Cumbersome, would be great if it was changed.
6) Gernot Hummer685 (20 Jul 2009)
I'd absolutely love the feature of having calendar entries > 24h within one single document. We've developed various flight planning tools that include longer periods than 24 hours. It's always a hassle to split the time up into several documents to make it work in calendar views.
7) Robert Ciavarella13 (05 Jan 2010)
We have had to customise our resource reservations database to allow it to do span bookings for cars and it works well. However, it would be great if this basic functionality be incorporated as a standard feature in the db design so that I dont have to worry about re-doing my customisations when we decide to upgrade our notes environment each time. Might as well go the whole hog and allow repeat span bookings because that will be the next feature asked for by our customers.

8) Harald-RenÚ Flasch480 (16 Feb 2011)
If I wouldn't have seen it by myself I wouldn't believe it that this is a problem for the LN calendar ...

Just tried to create an appointment for two days (company meeting) but I got:
Your start and end times result in a duration that is greater than 24 hours.
Please check end date and time or Time Zone information.


Each Outlook/Exchange user is laughing about that! (me too, I am originally from the MS world ...)

IBM, please make it possible to have meetings/appointments > 24 hours! Thank you!


PS: In a LS11 session an attendee asked the presenter if this will be fixed in the future. Maybe 9.0 ^^
9) Sonja Schiffer134 (20 Feb 2012)
This is a missing feature which nobody I ever talked to can understand and it is a very anoying too.
I would need it several times in a year to organize trips to conferences or other events.
The thing is not only to make a meeting for every day but also if it needs to be changend that it has to be done for every day and everyone who is invited has to accept the changes for every day too...

It is now more than 4 years ago that this feature was requestet and nothing happen, can't belive it and I think these are the small little things why customer think about using a different client.

If I get an invitation of a Outlook user I can accept a meeting with more than 24 hours but it does not show correct in the calenderview.

Wondering if I should try to use this problem to get the feature via spr
10) Harald-RenÚ Flasch480 (21 Feb 2012)
I agree!

But one year after I do not care about it since I left the "Lotus Notes" world and I am back at the Windows World.

Using "MS Exchange" this is no problem at all. Just laughing about LN ... Also LN Traveler sucks. I am very happy with my WP7 ;-)

Also laughing about other features which are naturally in the Windows world. e.g. "Format Painter" ...

I am not sure why LN enthusiasts operates IdeaJam since IBM seems to completely ignore good ideas posted here ...
11) Anders ├…slund549 (20 Jul 2012)
I am hoping that IBM actually is working on this one. They are going to implement an API for calendaring, and this process might lead to that we get this functionality. I do not know when this API is finished. The idea with this calendar API is to remove all problem that exist with third party products manipulating the calendar directly and destroying it, but new features is not impossible. So keep fingers crossed that we get this one in the future.


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