New Mail Notifications with local replicas 
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: Jim Johnson556 30 Jun 2009
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Would like to have the option for a new mail notification occur upon new mail once it gets delivered to the local replica vs the server replicas.  I have had several people comment on how they receive new mail notifications but "nothing appears" in the inbox.  This gives the users the perception that it isn't working as it should. The users don't understand that the notification is for new mail on the server but it won't arrive until a replication event. If it could be an option to configure it to show notifications on mail delivery to the local replica instead of server replicas, it would be less confusing.

1) Kushal Boorgu707 (01 Jul 2009)
I think you just need to change the mail file location to local in the location document.
2) Jim Johnson556 (01 Jul 2009)
Thanks Kushal, We do have this set to local in the location doc. Although my company has only been using Lotus Notes in production for a few weeks, we had an IBM business partner set up the configuration. If there is something else I need to be aware of, please let me know.
3) Kushal Boorgu707 (01 Jul 2009)
I found some info on the following IBM webpage

{ Link }

Asynchronous notification

Starting in Lotus Notes V6.5.x, asynchronous notification was introduced. If the Notes client works with a local mail replica and has an open connection to the Domino server, the Domino server sends notification of new mail messages to the client. This notification sent by the Domino server triggers the Notes client to replicate the mail file, bringing the new message into the local mail replica. This replication happens without intervention from the user and does not rely on the replication schedule set up in the Lotus Notes client. This feature allows users to receive incoming mail message right away when working with local replicas.
4) Jim Johnson556 (06 Jul 2009)
Hi Kushal, I am confused on what the designed behavour should be. In the same article, there is the following:

End user and help desk education issues

The local replication model should not require significant user training if properly configured. The goal of the implementation is to automate as much of the process as possible with policies. However, there are a few items that may require some training to ensure that users understand issues that may arise.

Notification of new mail

The Lotus Notes client checks the Domino server for new mail on a regular interval. If there is new mail on the server that has not yet been replicated to the client, the user receives a notification of new mail, but is unable to find the new mail in his local Inbox. The delay in delivering the messages depends upon the size of the mail message and the activity on the server. When the user leverages the server copy of the mail database, the message is in the Inbox prior to the notification.
5) Alan Dalziel1450 (06 Jul 2009)
notes.ini variable - poll_remote_mailfile=1
{ Link }
6) Charles Robinson8913 (14 Oct 2009)
Can this be closed since it's already in Notes?


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