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: Warren Elsmore2348 30 Aug 2007
: / Email
Currently, the Notes HTML signature option refers to a HTML fragment stored locally on disk. However - the HTML fragment doesn't roam with Notes, so if you roam to a different machine, you loose your sig. Also - even worse, if you roam from Windows to Linux or vice-versa the file paths don't even exist - so you get errors and no sig!

1) Mac Guidera51 (09 Sep 2007)
What? You don't use stationary :)
2) Ben Poole2370 (10 Oct 2007)
StationEry is even better :p Agreed. Good idea!
3) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (29 Oct 2007)
I think this would be a good improvement.
We have users here asking all the time why the signature is not showing, or why they get "File not found" when composing a mail, just because the signature file is gone/in a different location...
4) Mika Heinonen3778 (30 Oct 2007)
I've posted an mail template mod on which allows the users to enter also a URL into the sig field in the preferences. The URL will be re-loaded if it's not found in the temp directory of the current workstation. That mod, and also the manual input of HTML code into the sig field should be both saved into the users' mail file instead of harddisk.
5) Joseph Hoetzl5019 (31 Oct 2007)
HTML in email should die a slow death!
6) Thomas Bahn4937 (03 Nov 2007)
It would be great, since the signature could be used by DWA, too.
7) Brian Passaro31 (06 Nov 2007)
Also allow the Out of Office to use the user's signature in replies.
8) Wes Morgan62 (19 Nov 2007)
I don't even like HTML signatures...
9) Henny Breijer52 (20 Nov 2007)
what about delegation. It would be nice if a signature works in that situation..
10) Hynek Kobelka7940 (22 Nov 2007)
And I would like to have an option that the signature should NOT be included if I FORWARD a mail message. Most of the time if I forward a mail, i am not adding anym more text to it.
11) Martin Vereecken1895 (23 Nov 2007)
I demoted, because I believe HTML signatures don't work well in Notes. Css is not well supported, html so-and-so and the result is a signature that looks different in other mail programs.
So, first things first: this has to be improved and if it's not possible, HTML signatures should work in a complete other way, not by appending them to a mail message when composing them, f.e.
12) Kirthivasan Balakrishnan10 (27 Nov 2007)
We had done a similar customization in our organization but that works only in the Notes client as we faced issues with DWA when I tried to replicate this feature to the browser side.

We used the Corp NAB as a repository of information and created a HTML signature that would be stored inside the mail file.
13) Henry Ferlauto3691 (28 Nov 2007)
The mail administrator side of me says no, because for the average 2-5 sentence e-mail message, the size now doubles. Meaning everyone will hit their quotas that much faster. Not to mention people wanting more disk space, the associated costs, etc.

But the business & marketing side says yes. The advertising a company logo provides outweighs the minimal costs.
14) Peter Presnell28487 (16 Dec 2007)
The fact that this idea has consistently been the highest polling idea has caught my attention, and I hope IBM's too. It suggests to me that not only is the issue of placing the signature in the mail file an important one, but perhaps some of the other quirky things about the signature file warrant some attention.
15) Sjef Bosman2112 (01 Jan 2008)
Here's your solution: { Link }
16) Sjef Bosman2112 (01 Jan 2008)
Er, not quite, it is "a" solution, and only part of it. The import could be done when the signature document is updated.
17) Sean Harris360 (14 Jan 2008)
This should work the same as the mail letterhead graphic. Within the Users Notes Mailfile the graphic is only stored once, but displayed on all e-mails that it was identified with.
So you can have multiple signatures (HTML or plain text), and within the Users Notes Mailfile it is only stored once, but displayed on the e-mails it was itdentified with.

Make sense?
18) Craig Linke276 (07 Feb 2008)
This would address some issues with users who have locked work stations and have limited locations to save local files (that aren't always consistent between machines)
19) Bob Greenberg10 (03 Sep 2008)
1. All users should be set up roaming.
2. Signatures should be in the LOCATION DOCUMENTS in the Personal Add Book.
This way you can have mulitple locations each with its own outbound email address AND its own signature to match.

If anyone can try that I'd sure appreciate it.

Anyone? Anyone?
20) Tim Clark206 (27 Nov 2008)
In Notes 8.5 they have given you the ability to use RICH TEXT in the signature and it's stored in the mail file.
This gives you the options of creating a table with all your signature stuff in it in the editor of choice, Notes of course, and then paste it into your signature options.
When you send an internet mail it converts to HTML at that point.
So, me, I've stoped using HTML signature files on my hard disk and just use the mail file options now.
21) Paul Graham103 (08 Dec 2008)
The problem with all of these solutions is that they are optional. Signatures can be deleted or omitted from the email before it is sent. EU member countries have enacted laws which prohibit sending of email without certain statutory information:

Have a read of these 3 articles which explain more about the new legal stance on email disclaimers in Europe:

{ Link }
{ Link }
{ Link }

So the current ad-hoc "put in what you like" approach to email signatures is still inadequate for most corporate organisations.

Crossware Mail Signature for Lotus Notes addresses the issue by appending signatures server side. It is the only solution providing compatibility on Lotus Notes, Blackberry, Domino Web Access and the new Apple iPhone iNotes client. See to read more about it.
22) Bruce Elgort12540 (06 Jan 2009)
You can now have a Rich Text signature in the mail file in V8.5.
23) Bruce Elgort12540 (06 Jan 2009)
Status changed to Complete
24) Paul Graham103 (11 Jan 2010)
You can add a rich text signature, but that isn't working in iNotes, iPhone and Blackberry. Crossware Mail Signature is the only solution so far which gives a consistent email signature across all email clients.


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