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: Notes Client
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: Tripp Black871 25 Oct 2007
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As MS did not adopt F9 for refresh from Notes (Notes was first - see the history on Notes.net), it ticks off users to click F5 and accidently logoff when in the middle of something. A great feature would be to have a desktop settings field that update/set a new user preference to swap the two keystrokes in the Notes Client. As IBM Lotus is very backward compatible, the default would be to not swap (stay the same) and let companies turn on the feature individually in user preferences or via policy with the Desktop Settings. It would also save a lot of griping to hear from those new users to Lotus Notes that don't yet realize the capabilities of Lotus Notes and haven't broke the apron springs to that MS Outlook client yet.

1) Mika Heinonen3778 (25 Oct 2007)
Firefox is the main client for users, everyone must follow it's standards and rules, including Microsoft and Lotus. So F5 is refresh, F9 is actually standard for quickload in FPS games.
2) Henry Ferlauto3691 (29 Oct 2007)
It should be a option, but manageable through policy.
3) Joseph Hoetzl5019 (31 Oct 2007)
Ever tried F5 or F9 in MS Office ? (F5 = Goto, F9 Refresh (!!) Fields)
Further...F9's use as the refresh key in PC applications pre-dates Microsoft's choice of F5. It dates from the early 1980s, when Lotus 1-2-3 was the most popular PC application.
Here is to standards!
4) Ragnar Schierholz456 (01 Nov 2007)
Exactly, there is no standard behavior for this in MS apps. Explorer uses F5 to refresh, Excel uses F9 to recalculate cells/formulas, Word uses F9 to recalculate the currently active field (Ctrl-F9 for all fields), etc.

I'd say: Stick to the way it is now!
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (16 Nov 2007)
FYI...in the Notes 8 client, the F5 key is disabled. To log-off, you press Ctrl+F5 now; F9 still functions as expected.
6) Tripp Black871 (26 Jan 2008)
#5, yep! it's there!
however, like #2, i still think it would be better something pushed down by policy.
as #3, and #4, point out the standard f5 is "intuitive" simply because of Windows folder refreshing and IE. Sad that MS cannot even stick there own "standards".
7) Brian Cooney56 (08 Mar 2008)
Even though the majority of comments are Windows related, the Mac crew would agree as well. F9 in the Mac OS is used to show applications at the Finder level. It is a a pain to have to go to the View-->refresh (which even has the nerve to have the F9 shortcut listed beside it). :)
8) Leo L'Homme56 (12 Dec 2008)
I think swapping would be a better option for those forced to use Windows workstations...

It would especially lower the number of complaints from the people that are being moved off out outlook in our organization by force..... lol

And although I see in the 8.5 beta 2 you can now right click and mark a document read/unread.... it would kind of be more than nice if you could stick that in 7.0.4.... and if it's not there in 8.0.3... another big complaint from users....
9) Brian Sherwood10 (16 Feb 2009)
To confuse even more.

What has happened to that 'not a lot of people know this' function of Shift + F9. It is in Notes 8.0x but not 8.5.
Put a formula in any field, such as


Hit Shift F9
The answer appears.

Not any more.
10) Christopher Boote10606 (21 Mar 2013)
It's back in 8.5.3 8-)


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