Make iNotes compatible with Google Chrome (and some other browsers) 
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: Kenneth Axi2537 26 Sep 2011
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Currently (as of Notes 8.5.2) we are still getting the warning sign telling that iNotes is not compatible with Google Chrome, and You have to click the link "Try using notes anyway"... I think that iNotes should work on ALL the latest browsers.
Ok, [Edit]: 
As Bill stated; It is a bit impractical to support ALL browsers there is on the market, so therefore I say: Support at least the latest version of Internet Explorer (currently ver 9), FireFox (ver 7), Chrome (ver 15), Safari (ver 5) and maybe Opera (ver 11). And those 5 should be supported on both Windows and Mac environments.
Mobile devices are not absolutely necessary to support since we can use Traveller on those, but You can go a long way on a mobile device (like the iPad) if You have decent support on the Safari browser.

1) Bill Malchisky12192 (27 Sep 2011)
I like the premise, but "ALL browsers" is a bit unrealistic and impractical.
IE: 7, 8, 9
FF: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Chrome: x through 15 (Windows); 14 (Macintosh)
Opera: 9, 10, 11
Safari: 3, 4, 5

Then each of these browser brands have multiple flavors: mobile devices, Linux, Mac, Windows, tablets, point releases.

Then testing every feature on every browser to ensure success?

You need a well-defined test set, otherwise, the testing process becomes untenable. Sure, Chrome makes sense, but that is a tough browser to test against in one sense, because it's a moving target with the update model--but others may disagree.

I personally like the warning message that states one is using an incompatible browser, as it helps let the user know they might have problems before-hand and keep help desk calls to a minimum for iNotes issues. Sure, there are plenty of other matters, no need to add to the pile. :)

So, perhaps refine the description a bit and I will change my vote, but as it is written, it seems a bit impractical, with all due respect.
2) Kenneth Axi2537 (28 Sep 2011)
Ok, I have edited the idea as Bill stated; It is impractical to support all browsers... but the latest version of IE, FF, Chrome and Safari should do the job.
3) Kevin Geysen113 (04 Oct 2011)
Not really a solution, but if you add "iNotes_WA_ChromeBrowserBlock=0" to the servers notes.ini, it won't give you the link "Try iNotes anyway" anymore in Chrome.
4) Tinus Riyanto2825 (09 Oct 2011)
I like the idea of Domino supporting the latest release of major browsers but even that could be painful considering how fast some of them churn our new releases. In an average of six months time it took for Domino to get a new minor release Firefox have put out two major releases. So in my opinion supporting the latest release is a losing game of catch.

But I still like the idea of all major browser support even if the supported version is "somewhat old".
5) Mathieu Pape8090 (03 Nov 2011)
Google Chrome 12 is officially supported now in 8.5.3 :
{ Link }

Still some way to go for Safari for instance. So promoting it!
6) Mathieu Pape8090 (03 Nov 2011)
Sorry, Safari 4 & 5 also supported on Mac :

{ Link }
7) Bill Malchisky12192 (30 Jan 2012)
Yeah, let's get the status to closed/implemented. IBM Lotus officially support. Nice when a decent idea gets checked-off the list.


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