Support Fingerprint ID system (Touch ID) as a device security method in IBM Notes Traveler 
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: Ray Bilyk799 24 Sep 2013
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With iOS7 out now, there is an option to unlock your device using the fingerprint ID system (known at Apple as Touch ID security). I would like IBM to support Touch ID as a supported when setting up a Traveler policy under Security Settings\Apple\Require device password.

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (24 Sep 2013)
Fingerprint security has got to be one of the dumbest ideas ever to protect something. Give me a password any day. A password can easily be changed, and kept hidden. Your finger print is always with you, and can never be changed. You also leave your finger print on everything you touch, so it's very easy to fake it.
2) Peter von Stöckel5721 (24 Sep 2013)
More info about Apples less than excellent finger print reader: { Link }
3) Richard Schwartz4594 (24 Sep 2013)
It only took two days for CCC to prove Apple's marketing hype to be false. TouchID is just as vulnerable to spoofing as every other consumer-grade fingerprint scanner. It's too risky. Every phone is covered with the owner's fingerprints. It's nearly as bad as putting a yellow sticky with the password on the back.

I would, however, support IBM one-upping Apple by doing two factor security via fingerprint+password. But it's not becaue I think that's a whole lot more secure. it's because IBM could get there own bit of marketing hype out of it.
4) Ray Bilyk799 (24 Sep 2013)
I didn't expect this to be a discussion of whether the security mechanism is secure or not. I just thought it would be nice to have that option available to organizations that would like to use it. Let's be honest... any, and I mean ANY, security mechanism can be breached. Just ask the NSA!
5) Peter von Stöckel5721 (27 Sep 2013)
But having your fingerprint instead of a password means that you can very easily be forced to use your fingerprint to unlock whatever is locked. You can keep a password secret, so this is way worse.

Talking about the NSA, are we actually 100% sure that they can't get your fingerprint from the iPhone? I know Apple claims it's impossible, but is it really?
6) Ray Bilyk799 (27 Sep 2013)
Ok, we get it... you don't like that type of security.

<sarcasm>I'm thinking we could unplug the Traveler server from the network so that unauthorized people couldn't hack into it also!</sarcasm>
7) Peter von Stöckel5721 (27 Sep 2013)
Hey, I like security... :-)
8) Christopher Boote10606 (30 Sep 2013)
Me too - so I would vote against any addition of <ul>weaker</ul> security to Traveller
We're not Mickeysoft, you know...
9) Ray Bilyk799 (30 Sep 2013)
That's funny, Christopher, because you're NOT voing against the 'weaker security'... Apple has already done it for you!

This vote is just whether you want to give admins an option to control if it can be used or not in Traveler...
10) Christopher Boote10606 (02 Oct 2013)
Ray, that's not what the proposal says
If it's supposed to be "Add an policy option to force a TURN OFF of TouchID for Traveller-connected devices" I would support it like a shot


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